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About Reebok

What motivates you? What do you long for in life?  Reebok® is a brand that is built off getting the most out of life. Your life shouldn’t be spent just getting by but should be lived with a meaningful purpose. Their brand message is “Live with Fire” when you walk through life with drive and power it will be passed on to the lives of people you interact with. Everyone has that spark from deep within. Reebok prides themselves on sharing your passion and helping you find your spark. They don’t believe in exercise just for the “victory” of exercising, but for the purpose of finding the better version of yourself.

They believe that you should love and honor the body you are in. You shouldn’t just be strong physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Getting to that point will not be easy and will not happen overnight. It will require a little blood, sweat and tears. Reebok knows this and believes in you. They have created shoes that will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’re training for a marathon, bettering your health, coaching a team, or running a household there is something crafted just for you.

When you buy Reebok you become part of the family and a community. As family you will be pushed to your limits and work together to complete goals on both sides. Similar to your life, their dedication is in everything they do. They know that together the sky is the limit and with your help the world will be a better place.

What our customers are saying about Reebok

  • Reebok by ZPump Fusion Overall Rated: 1 stars! Comfort Rated: 2 stars! Look Rated: 2 stars! Nov 22, 2015 Anonymous from Five Towns, Long Island, New York

    I should have returned these shoes, they are quite awful, but instead I took a pair of scissors and cut about 3/4 inch on either side of the lace area. These shoes are SLIP ON, the laces are for looks, but shoes have no tongue, no stretchy areas to allow slipping on as normal slip ons do. As far as the air pump, there are no directions and with the shoe being so difficult to get on, I didn't experiment with the pump. Once the shoes are on, which is easier with the scissor cuts, they feel fine and I use them for walking the dogs. Whoever designed these shoes apparently doesn't walk or run anywhere.

  • Reebok by Ros Workout TR Overall Rated: 4 stars! Comfort Rated: 3 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Nov 20, 2015 Anonymous from Renton, Washington

    The fit and overall look are awesome. However...the way the ankle portion was designed it's digging into my achilles. I've trained in them for almost 2 weeks now thinking it was just due to the break-in period and it would go away however it's still digging into my achilles. I'll give them another week, but I wish Reebok would've designed that portion of the shoe lower, however I know these are for training and not running.

  • Reebok by Cardio Ultra Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 4 stars! Nov 19, 2015 Melissa Ray from Interlochen, Mi

    I teach Cardio Hip Hop classes 4x a week and these have been a lifesaver for my plantar fasciitis. Great heel cushion and lateral support. I wish the sole of the shoe was not white...other than that, I love them! I have a wide foot and found these to be plenty wide.

  • Reebok by All Terrain Super 2.0 Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Nov 10, 2015 Anonymous from Fort Myers, Fl

    I love this shoe! I have tried on several shoes and have to say these are the most comfortable! I also want to point out that although people are complaining they are too narrow, I have wide feet and these work perfect! I am running in a Spartan Race and I am eager to break these in!

  • Reebok by CrossFit® Nano 5.0 Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Nov 5, 2015 Michelle Wigen from Spokane, WA

    I have very wide, large, flat feet and wear orthotics. Not a very good combination to have and try to find good cross fit shoes that fit, but these fit perfectly!

  • Reebok by CrossFit® Nano 2.0 Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Nov 1, 2015 Anonymous from Richmond VA

    These are great shoes. I had an older version of these that I wore for way too long and finally upgraded to a new pair. These are a good Crossfit shoe and work well for all the lifting, jumping and running. They would be good for any cross training in my opinion.

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