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  • Sillian Chell Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: from Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 2 Stars
    This shoe is bulkier than it appears. I wanted them to work, but they looked like elf shoes. They seem to be good quality, the grey is very nice, and they did feel great when I tried them on. Back to the drawing board.
  • Elliot Oxford Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 2 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Dear R&B, Where did this great concept go wrong? It might be the heavy bulk of the shoe. Or the rigid outsole that theoretically would be flexible with the gum-rubber design. The leather is good, the unnecessary but thrown-in shoe bags are ... good, I guess. The fancy box and paycheck price are arguably good if your sense of self comes from logos affixed to your clothing. The multicolored laces are not so good. Great shoe in a lot of ways but misses the mark in price, comfort, natural wear-it-and-feel-good, healthy-for-feet, daily kind of way. Sorry Bone.
  • Total Motion Annett Wedge Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: from Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    These shoes required breaking in but now they are comfortable. I got the beige ones. What really angers me is you can get nearly the exact same Rockport Annette wedge shoe for ****HALF**** the price on Amazon. The design differences are so slight you can barely tell the difference besides the lack of a textural aspect to the design. I am now gonna get a second black pair for only $70 on Amazon instead of $130 on Zappos. Seriously? Unbelievable.
  • Omnium Leather Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Jared Watson from Boise, Idaho Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Something was wrong with the right Sandal. Left fit ok, right one was so narrow I couldn't even get my foot into it for some reason. Could be a manufacturing defect, but I'm done with Teva. Back to the drawing board, again...
  • Gobi II M Leather Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 2 Stars Look: 2 Stars
    Great concept that almost succeeds. Biggest flaws are the too-shallow, too-low-profile toe area that doesn't let the toes flex upward as they naturally tend to and should with each step. This design counteracts its "barefoot" intent. Other flaw if we'll call it that is the semi ugly design; hopefully intentional, otherwise how could it be explained? You won't look classy in this shoe and might not even look normal in it. T'would be nice if this shoe performed its function without calling attention to itself--the clown shape and barely-there floppiness. Another gripe is the paper-adhesive stickers haphazardly stuck onto the cork insoles, each which requires intensive rubbing, 5-minutes+ for full removal. Good night and good luck.
  • Soft VII Sneaker Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Excellent shoe. Lives up to the "soft" name with great plush leather and comfy insole and fit. If you're younger and or like the look of Converse, biking shoes or similar, this will grab your heart and not let go. The quality is beyond similar competition. If you're like me and think the style is somewhat adolescent and hard to pull off as a middle-age guy who doesn't want to look like a seventeen-year-old, then shed a tear and move on.
  • Agazio Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 1 Stars
    It's the classic tale of great comfort with hideous looks. These are made with great materials--leather and grippy solid rubber. The look of the shoe is ghastly. Moc toe, lappy leather strapping and stripped outsole. *shiver* If you are or want to give off the impression of an older-age geek who likely wears white socks with black shoes and who isn't remotely concerned about looks of a shoe, buy this and love it. Otherwise continue the search for the elusive great comfort shoe with equally great looks--does this exist? Is the shoe unicorn out there somewhere?
  • Intrinsic Knit Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 3 Stars
    Very comfortable shoe, fits like a glove and has supportive insole. Light and flexible. Mesh fabric design might lead one to assume that these would be cool and breathable but it's more on par with wearing thick wool socks. Warm and not much ventilation. Look of the outsole isn't pretty. Fine quality leather detailing is nice. Worth checking out if you want a comfy but not-cool shoe for fall or spring. Likely not good in rain or wet conditions.
  • UX200v1 Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Kesher from Seattle Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Lighter-weight than expected. Synthetic solid upper in parts will not breath. Custom shape design requires that foot be pretty exact shape otherwise causes issues because not going to adapt as leather or other materials would. Tight/short in toe area, as I recall.
  • Dakota Posted: Aug 25, 2016 Reviewer: Jennifer from New York Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    This time, I chose not to purchase my Dakotas from Zappos because they do not accept PayPal, and I absolutely regret it. I don't know what is going on with Quality Control, but every time I purchase a pair of UGGs in the last 5 years, the right shoe always has the exact same defect and I must exchange. The defect is that the outer midfoot-to-toe is noticeably more narrow and semi-triangular and my poor pinky toe ends up jammed against the side. However, the left shoe always seems to be properly manufactured and fits perfectly. This is where customer service like Zappos comes in. In the past when I needed to exchange, the whole multi-exchange process was resolved within 3 days and I found my perfect fitting UGGs. I wear an 8 in the Ugg Classics and Minnetonka Kilty + Cally, and a 9 in Dakotas and Adirondak II. The Dakotas are a bit tight across the bow area at first for my high arches and instep, there isn't any arch support aside from what the fur provides, and this style seems perfect for barefoot wear. I chose these fuzzy slippers because they have an amazing grippy rubber sole that cups up the back of your heels so the leather is still protected while walking AND they are water resistant. They truly are perfect for the house and quick errands.
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