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Latest Reviews

  • Litewave Ampere Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: from SF Bay Area Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 2 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Not as good as my first pair of North's. First pair are The North Face Ultra Trail, which is discontinued. I used the Ultra Trail as an all around shoe, but not on trails since they did not appear solid enough to withstand steep and rocky terrains. And the UT's fit like a glove the first time out, no problems. And this Litewave Ampere has yet to prove itself to me. For one, they did not have my exact size, so I am wearing a shoe 1/2 size larger. The sole is completely different from the UT, the UT was very comfortable from the start. LA's are not that comfortable. So, I am giving them time to see how if they will break in or not. I do like North Face and will buy again, but not these. Good looking shoe, appears to be durable, but not very comfortable.
  • Bailey Bow Starlight (Little Kid/Big Kid) Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: Jennifer Hughes from Buffalo, NY Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    These boots could not be cuter. I bought them for my six year-old and she loved them so much she slept in them the first night. I was worried the color would limit what she could wear them with (we bought the red) but honestly they look cute with just about anything. Some say UGGS have deteriorated their quality over the last few years, these are definitely quality. These are not going to be waterproof though, so more for school day, going out, not playing in snow.
  • Andrea-AR Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: from California Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Comfortable and stylish flats - from a brand my podiatrist recommended. I have to return because their size 12 is true to size and not the 12.5 I hoped it might be, as it makes my toes scrunch up, but otherwise it's a nice shoe.
  • Felicia Ankle Buckle Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: Janet from Albuquerque Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    I have been an Ecco fan for some time, owning an Ecco leather mary-jane style that is extremely comfortable. This Felicia ankle boot in the size 42 fit my size 11 foot. The wedge heel was very supportive and nice, but more utilitarian than feminine in look. I had a small amount of heel slipage, but not too extreme-just enough so that I thought about it and had to find which of my socks would work best for the heel area. But, honestly, I tried hard to really like this boot because I really needed it for a special occassion. I ended sending it back because: 1. I seemed to have a mismatched pair with one boot being almost 1/2" taller than it's mate. This would be a quality control issue at the factory and would have nothing to do with ultra-cool Zappos! 2. The "rounded" top of the ankle area was almost "v-ed" on one boot and round on the other. I determined that because the leather was so stiff that it probably wouldn't soften or conform to my ankles. Also the ankle area was cut rather large and so it tends to protude out a bit in front. It does allow for tucking in pants. 3. I got a little suspect about the "leather" because it is so stiff. Nowhere inside either boot or on the box does it say "leather". So, it's possible it really is a bonded leather. I have always heard that 100% leather has to be identified as such, somewhere. 4. I'm glad I moved on from this boot to a Rockport.
  • Jasper Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: from California Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 3 Stars
    This shoe generally seems comfortable and looks okay for dressier occasions, but I found it causing me to lean inward on the instep, like there wasn't much support on that part of the foot.
  • Posie - Soft Spots Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: Sandy Croft from Weeki Wachee , Florida Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 4 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    I loved the shoe , however the toe box was to tight and the top of the shoe also rubbed on my big toe joint. I have arthritis in my feet and when I have pressure like that I already know they will not work. The heel was very loose as well and my foot would slide out. I really wish they would have worked for me as I can't wear much of a heel these were what I was looking for in a dress shoe.
  • Scotch Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: A Klein from San Jose, CA Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Tried these on at 8am this morning and it's 11pm and they're still on. There's plenty of room for my high arches and wide feet in a size 9M, easy to put on, and very comfortable. Love these boots!
  • Classic Tall Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: from Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Love my boots this is like my 4th pair. They are a little snug but stretch out.
  • Total Motion Emese Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: AC klein from San Jose Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Incredibly comfortable and super cute. Excellent padding. Unfortunately hubby says he doesn't like Euro boots!
  • Chuck Taylor® All Star® Core Hi (Infant/Toddler) Posted: Dec 5, 2016 Reviewer: from VA Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Love these for my toddler who is very active. He scuffs up the white rubber too easily so the black is a nice option. A little difficult to put on but I love the look of the high tops.