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A Focus on Recycling

Zappos loves recycling. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to reduce one’s impact on the environment. We implemented a robust construction waste management plan during the project, and now we have a great internal office recycling program that involves all employees.


  • At Zappos, we don’t have trash cans at individual workspaces. Instead, our teams strategically placed communal, split recycling/waste bins around the office at a density of 1:10 employees. This program is designed to reduce the volume of landfill waste and increase the volume of recycled material.
  • Our awesome waste management plan during construction led to more than a 75% total waste diversion rate and two LEED credits.
  • Existing building components were either reused or donated to Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, including fluorescent light fixtures, sinks, doors, toilets, and water fountains.
  • In compliance with LEED Materials and Resources (in which 10% recycled content in products corresponds to two credits), the chairs, tables, and adjustable desks used in workspaces and conference rooms are comprised of total pre- and post-consumer recycled content ranging between 24 and 67%.
  • We have a cardboard baler out back and we make our own cardboard bales. We’re able to sell the bales to help raise funds for more green programs.

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