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Zappos Insights is the part of Zappos that has one very special mission: To share Zappos' unique focus on Culture, People, and Customer Service with other companies. Not because we feel all companies should be like Zappos. But rather, we'd like to share how you can identify your company values. And in doing so, learn how to create a successful and profitable organization where work is much better than a daily grind, indeed it can be fulfilling for you and your employees, and frankly... so other people can experience loving going to work like we do.

“What an amazing culture you all have, and it warms my heart to see the good out in the world. This truly shows the meaning of Community, and exemplifies the perfect work environment everyone should strive for.”

“We are service company and reached the size of 400 people having fun like Zappos. But is very hard to keep it and I was thinking to move to the more corporate model. But after this training, I realize that we have to go our way, and continue having fun and continue building a family!”

“Ryo knows the Zappos culture inside and out. His presentation was one of the best in the entire conference. His delivery style is funny, entertaining and completely engaging. He had everyone captivated from the beginning all the way to the end. I highly recommend Ryo as a keynote speaker. He clearly IS the 'Culture Maestro.'"

“We were so impressed with the intentionality to serve the community and bring a happiness-culture to the city, or bring the city into the happiness-culture. Valuing people seems so ridiculously basic but is SO under-delivered in most organizations. Thanks for raising the bar and demonstrating that is it possible...and worthwhile.”

“I was with a family member who is a Vegas native and retired. She said "this place makes me want to go back to work"... I think the quote says enough.”

“The tour was amazing. We had fun, we learned a lot of cool info and we were really surprised at the way you guys went above and beyond. You guys gave us a gift for our wedding and everything thank you so much! We really, really appreciate it ....You guys are the best. The atmosphere was amazing and up beat. Everything was awesome."

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