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Go Farther With Brooks Running Shoes

Experience the comfort and support of Brooks running shoes, and enjoy every step of your daily run. Our running shoes help you reach your running goals faster with superior cushioning and support for every type of pronation.  High-energizing cushioning absorbs shock at impact, relieving pressure on the heels, balls of the feet, and knees. Padding at the tongue and collar helps eliminate chafing and rubbing. TPU-wrapped polyurethane foam midsoles capture the energy of every step, sending it right back to you for a better run with each foot strike.

Find the right support with Brooks athletic shoes

Brooks running sneakers feature different types of support for the areas where your shoes typically show wear. If the wear is heaviest on the balls and outer heels, look for neutral support. Choose stability running shoes for wear on the inside edge of the shoe at the ball and heel. Motion-control styles feature stiffer heels that help those with wear on the outside edges of the soles. From men's and women's shoes to those designed for kids, you'll find optimal support with Brooks trainers.

Neutral support styles cushion and protect your feet if you roll outward when running. Stability shoes provide support for mild and moderate overpronation, and many styles include additional support at the arch for protection. If you have moderate to severe overpronation, motion-control sneakers offer stiffer heels that counter the effects for safer, more comfortable running. Consider barefoot designs for lightweight shoes that help you feel the nuances in the road, and complete each step with the mid or fore-foot striking first. Choosing the right running shoe for everyone in the family helps ensure kids and adults stay together, and improve with each run. There are also plenty of Brooks walking shoes that offer support and cushioning for those who need less impact during exercise. Zappos carries all the walking and running shoe styles you need, and provide free shipping under our 365-day return policy. If you have questions or need help, our customer service is always ready to assist you.

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