White Mountain

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The White Mountain® brand began in 1978 in Lisbon, New Hampshire as a small domestic footwear factory specializing in ladies footwear. It has since grown nationally as a provider to women across the United States. White Mountain's factory location in the rural New Hampshire White Mountains became the source of the brand's name and image. After 26 years in the footwear industry, White Mountain has since developed an office in Wellesley, Massachusetts while still maintaining a home office and distribution center in Lisbon.

By combining fashion and comfort White Mountain has been able to create collections for the busy woman. White Mountain shoes create the freshest looks of the season at the best prices, so you no longer have to settle for last years fashion with White Mountain footwear. No matter the season, they seek to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends of the season.

White Mountain is unwilling to accept that a woman must make a choice between beautiful and comfortable shoes. Their commitment to "making your feet happy" is greater than ever and they hope you will share their vision and proudly wear White Mountain shoes. Just remember your White Mountain kicks will be stylin' while your wallet won´t be cryin'! Come on, scale the mountain, you'll look great at the top!!

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