Zappos Rewards Reviews FAQs

Zappos Rewards Program Member Reviews FAQs

Zappos invites members of the Zappos Rewards Program (also referred to in these FAQs as “Zappos Rewards”) to write honest, unbiased reviews of purchased products to help all of our customers make more informed purchasing decisions.  Zappos Rewards members may earn “Rewards Points” for writing reviews that comply with our customer review guidelines. Zappos Rewards member reviews that do not comply with our customer review guidelines, as determined by Zappos in our sole discretion, will NOT earn any Rewards Points.   Eligible customers can join the Zappos Rewards Program for FREE. Learn more about the Zappos Rewards Program here. The terms and conditions that apply to your participation in the Zappos Rewards Program can be found here.

Zappos Rewards member reviews are the independent opinions of the individual reviewer. Vendors cannot influence, modify or edit the reviews. Zappos will not modify or edit Zappos Rewards member reviews, as long as they comply with our customer review guidelines. To identify a Zappos Rewards member review, just look for the customer review labeled "Review for Zappos Rewards Points (What’s this?)”.  

How many Rewards Points do Zappos Rewards members earn for writing reviews?

Zappos Rewards members will earn 100 Rewards Points for each product review they write that complies with our customer review guidelines. For more information about how to earn and use Rewards Points, visit the Rewards Program page at

This sounds great! How do I get Rewards Points for writing reviews?

Already a Zappos Rewards member? Then it's easy! Simply write and submit a review for any product you've purchased and for which you can provide helpful insight. Your Zappos Rewards account will be awarded 100 Zappos Rewards Points as long as your review meets our customer review guidelines. If a Zappos Rewards member’s product review does NOT meet our customer review guidelines, as determined by Zappos in our sole discretion, we will not award any Zappos Rewards Points for that review.

Not a Zappos Rewards member yet? Well, what's stopping you? Zappos Rewards is a program that rewards our customers just for shopping with us or participating in other Promotional Activities such as writing eligible product reviews. There's NO membership fee and no reason not to join! Learn more about the perks of becoming a Zappos Rewards member.

I am a Premier Reviewer. Can I get Rewards Points and free product for writing a Zappos Rewards review?

No, if you write a review in exchange for free product under the Premier Reviewer Program or any other product review incentive program, that review is not eligible for Rewards Points under the Zappos Rewards Program.  For more information on the Zappos Premier Reviewer Program visit

Are Zappos Rewards members expected to write only positive reviews?

Absolutely not! If a Zappos Rewards member receives an underwhelming or underperforming product, we encourage those experiences to be shared on our site. We welcome honest opinions about the product - positive or negative, as long as the review complies with our customer review guidelines. Additionally, customers can vote on the helpfulness of Zappos Rewards member reviews just like they can for any other review.

If a Zappos Rewards member writes a negative review, will it impact his or her Zappos Rewards membership status?

Writing an undesirable review will never impact a Zappos Rewards member's status. Customers tend to value detailed, objective, honest and informative reviews, regardless of whether it's written in a positive, negative or neutral light.

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