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When the founder of Reboundwear® experienced life after surgery for her children, parents, and friends, she was inspired to design a line of multi-functional T-shirts, long sleeve tees, joggers, and pants that reduce various dressing issues for those with limited mobility.

Reboundwear delivers adaptive-athletic wear, for the style and comfort of millions of people who face the daily challenges of getting dressed in conventional clothing. Each garment provides a stress-free solution for anyone who has difficulty getting dressed for doctor's appointments, hospital visits, and physical therapy. Reboundwear's minimal metallic-component design also eliminates interference with medical devices.

Skip the hassle and get back to it, with Reboundwear – a line of multi-functional athletic wear that does not sacrifice comfort or style when it's needed most. respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

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