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Some revolutions are not begun with a bang or a shout. Some revolutions quietly appeal to the senses, the intellect and even the soul. They are born out of constant thought and intense passion to effect change and to drive progress. Kaenon Polarized strives to evolve the world optically. This pursuit has led Kaenon Polarized to create the world's first Luxury Performance eyewear brand - utilizing the most advanced polarized lens technology on the planet.

Glass wasn't strong enough. Polycarbonate wasn't clear enough. So they set out to develop their own, completely new polarized lens material. Something with the superior optical quality of the finest glass, yet the lightweight impact resistance of polycarbonate. The SR-91 lens was created, and overnight, the optical world was forever changed. No other polarized lens blocks the blinding rays of glare with the unbeatable clarity and impact resistance of the SR-91 lens.

As leaders in performance eyewear, Kaenon’s mission is to enhance life’s great moments by providing the best outdoor visual experience. Whether sleeping under the stars, paddling out for a sunrise surf, venturing down a new trail, or angling for that trophy catch, they're surrounded by the best playground imaginable - and they believe in seeing every inch of it.

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