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About Sorel

Born from the desire to make a boot that would deliver explorers comfortably into the beauty of the great unknown, SOREL has been creating footwear for the fearless since 1962. As we forge forward from the frozen tundra into city streets, we translate the stunning landscapes that inspired our founders into a new generation of footwear that is fashionably bold, apologetically daring and beautifully brave. Luxurious materials and flawless construction are brought to life by designs that challenge, invigorate and surprise. From sweet sneakers for sultry summer days to boots that turn heads while taking on the tundra, SOREL inspires fashion-forward feet for every season. Sorel Brand FAQs

Latest Sorel Reviews

  • SOREL by Joan Of Arctic Wedge™ Mid Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Jul 15, 2014 J May from Richmond, Virginia

    Love the grill/black color! It's dark enough that you can pull it off with black, but not as stark as solid black. I can't imagine any color that this boot will not work with. I'm a solid 8 and went with the 7.5. It fits perfectly with just enough room to wear with a sock. Super comfortable right out of the box. This is my first Sorel purchase and I am thrilled. Keep these super cute styles coming!

  • SOREL by Joan Of Arctic Wedge Ankle™ Overall Rated: 5 stars! Comfort Rated: 5 stars! Look Rated: 5 stars! Jul 8, 2014 Allison from New York

    I'm going to get right to the facts. These are my first pair of Sorel boots. Am I impressed? Yes! I have a high arch and comfort is not an issue. You don't even feel like you're wearing a heel. Your feet slide right into them. You have to wear socks, but you'll still have plenty of room. I'm always searching for shoes that are practical, and these do not disappoint; you can wear the boots with skinny jeans and leggings. I was hesitant to buy them, due to the price; however, I am a satisfied customer and will not be returning the Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Ankle boots!

  • SOREL by Manawan™ Overall Rated: 1 stars! Comfort Rated: 3 stars! Look Rated: 4 stars! Jun 30, 2014 RC Mitchell from Greater Olympia area, WA

    Wow, a lot of glowing reviews of these. My take is a little different, after all this is not just some cheap slipper but is supposed to be a high quality Sorel product that should last as long as not used roughly and given it's advertised ability to run out of the house. Not so much. When you get them they are like awesome warm puppies for your feet, they feel wonderful, look pretty great and fit right. Initial quality is excellent when you pull them from the nice Sorel box. Okay so lets get to the real nitty-gritty. Indoor-outdoor soles? Not in my experience. I did not get them to be able to go outdoors in specifically but thought it would be an extra bonus if I needed to step briefly outside (a few step trips to trash and recycle if needed) and maybe there was some dampness where I would be treading on the walkway. First time I try it I find out that the soles really didn't like any dampness at all. And I mean it was not very damp, wasn't raining at the time and my walkway does not hold puddles, I could have gone in stocking feet and not ended up with socks that were soaked on the bottom. The soles became tacky, almost like nearly set rubber cement, whatever was in my path stuck to them and the sole puffed up afterwards. Okay I think, I won't wear them outside at all if it's damp and I didn't, I didn't even wear them outside if it was dry since I have slip-ons I can switch into. So it took a little while and the soles returned to pretty much normal, for awhile. Well before they were a year old the soles "ballooned" I guess I would call it and the glue holding them to the slipper bottom failed mid-sole to near the edges. This gave the effect that air had been injected behind the sole and slipper bottom. Annoying and looked goofy. I thought, okay, these are not holding up quite as they should so I'm going to return them because of this defect and maybe some replacements won't do it. My problem was that I let the one year return date slip by, my fault, should have taken advantage of Zappos great return policy since when you spend a lot for some quality Sorel slippers you expect them to last awhile and I'm not exactly made of money these days. I spent that cost figuring that with my use, as with most of my shoes that see light use, I'd get at the very least 5 years of use out of them if not more, after all, all they had to do was keep my feet cozy here inside my home in the PNW. So I continued to wear them with the silly looking puffed up soles and they amazingly stayed intact for another 6 months approximately, after all they were stitched around the perimeter so they couldn't just come off. Then the soles began to break down completely and disintegrate where the glue released. It's now 2 1/2 years later and amazingly I'm still wearing the tattered remains of them. The soles are gone except for the perimeter where the glue and stitching continue to hold what is left in place and the undersole is gradually wearing away. Being unemployed now for over 2 years and not being able to spare the funds to replace them I have little choice. I've repeatedly examined getting some cheapo replacements but feel that as before I'd just be tossing away money on junk as I had before. So Sorel, despite having some really nice Sorel boots I love, and have for some time, I think I'll be taking my business somewhere else. I just cannot imagine paying $65 for some replacement Manawans and tolerating this happening again. Maybe it's been fixed since I see this same style is still going years later. Maybe I just got some lemons and the soles on these these were faulty and I should have been more vigilant and returned them. If not for this glaring breakdown of the soles I would still be very happy with them to this day. Unfortunately that is not the case. These need more durable soles considering what happened to them and I wore them outside only just once.

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