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We don’t just sell clothes; BCBGeneration offers a lifestyle. In other words: we don’t follow trends; we create them. It’s our mission to deliver fashion to every girl, every time. We’ve created a brand that mirrors the women who wear our clothes – a perfect blend of femininity and toughness, both contemporary and timeless. Between the quirky prints, flirty silhouettes and luxe fabrics, BCBGeneration has something for even the pickiest fashionista. We’re not content just being your favorite brand; we want to be your best friend.

Latest Reviews

  • Treasure Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Kaylee from Overall: 2 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    The heel in the nude/blush patent color is unfinished, which looks awkward at best. I returned the first pair I ordered, thinking it was a defect, until I went to order a different pair and noticed the picture shows the unfinished heel. Otherwise these shoes are great! I have them in black leather and black patent and they are perfect.
  • Diego Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: from Maryland Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Ouch! I bought these based on positive reviews but the toe box is tight. My feet are throbbing just from trying them on. I am a solid medium, I think these will be lovely on the person with a tiny foot - they are so beautiful. Very disappointed they did not work for me.
  • Darby Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: from Wisconsin Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Fit true to size. I was surprised how comfortable they were! Wore them all day for a wedding and didn't get sore until the very end of the night.
  • Holly Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Teresa Boeck from Nebraska Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 4 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    I have average to a bit wide feet and these were a bit snug but I think that since they are leather, they would've stretched and been just fine...however, the arch just did not hit me right. They will have to go back.
  • Frenchy Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Marrella from NC Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    These are so cute but only sort of comfortable. They have some design flaws as follows. First, the jute insole is only partially covered with some plastic fabric. The toe is not covered, so you have smooth under the ball of your foot but your toes feel the scratchy jute. Should have no liner or all liner, but not partial. Also, the insole is slightly elevated at the heel and has a thin "metal" plate inscribed with BCBG name. It's annoying as you can feel the little "plate" and the raised portion is not as wide as the shoe. The point being too many differences in surface textures and width hitting your foot. Not necessarily uncomfortable but it is annoying. Returning. Too bad as style is cute.
  • Treasure Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Emma K. from Overall: 1 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    I love this shoe, so hate that I have to give such a poor review. I've purchased two pairs of these shoes, both black, within a short period of time of each other. The heel on the first pair snapped after about 3 months of wear. The heel on the second pair also snapped within the same time frame. Normally, I'd write this off as I'm too hard on my shoes, but these have been worn only at my office job. Not dancing the night away in these (although, honestly, they are totally comfortable enough to do that!). Highly disappointed. For as much as I love the style, height, and comfort of the heel, I just can't bring myself to purchase another pair.
  • Treasure Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Jen Y from Buffalo, NY Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 3 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Just ordered these in white patent as my possible wedding shoes. The leather is not very smooth in certain areas, which makes them look cheap and low quality; however, no one can look that closely at them while they're on my feet so I'm ok with that. The left shoe fits me perfectly but the right shoe is tight. I don't have this problem with any of my other shoes so it's irritating. I'm hoping that it will stretch out and be more comfortable overtime.I like how the inside soles have a cushion to them.
  • Diego Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Amy from Florida Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 1 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    These shoes are hot. I absolutely love the way they look. I gravitate towards classic sexy rather than trendy, and these shoes have just the right amount of trend blended with classic style. They are very sexy shoes. However, right out of the box they are not comfortable at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rather painful, in a short amount of time. I gave these shoes four stars because of the way they look, and also because they are quite sturdy (not wobbly on the heel, and the shank is not spongy with bounce to it the way some stilettos are). But the toe strap pinches like nobody's business. Ouch. Slide stoppers helped a bit with the pinching but did not solve the problem. I do not have wide feet and generally do fine with medium width shoes, so I have to conclude that the problem is with the shoe. I do not know what in the world is up with the other two reviewers raving about comfort, but if comfort is your primary value, think twice here. Because the shoes are sturdy and well made the incipient discomfort is not evident right out of the box; even walking around the house for 10 minutes does not expose it. It is only after about a half hour of street use that the discomfort kicks in. And then it ratchets up. That said, I am keeping them because they are such great-looking shoes. I have hopes that I can stretch them out and break them in as has happened with other shoes that started out similarly. It is just the toe strap that is uncomfortable, and that is usually a part that stretches a bit. I think that I can make them work for how I will use them. The primary point is that there is a big potential for discomfort here that is not evident from the other two reviews so far. But they are fabulous looking shoes and if it was not for the pinch I would be nothing but gushing over these vampy stilettos.
  • Treasure Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: Courtney Palm from MA Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 2 Stars
    Couldn't have been more perfect until I noticed the heel. It either looks dirty or a little trashy. Wish I noticed it before I ordered them. They are the perfect shape and color. Too bad they added the change of color to the heel. Definitely couldn't wear them for work.
  • Treasure Posted: Feb 10, 2016 Reviewer: from New York, NY Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    The photo on the website is misleading. The actual shoe color is much lighter than it appears on the website -- with a lot more white in it. That's a shame, because I love the look and fit of this shoe, and had been waiting for them to come out with it in nude patent. I think I have to send it back, though.
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