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About The Zappos Video Vault

Welcome to the Zappos Video Vault, your one-stop shop to view unscripted company culture and inspirational content!

As you may know, Zappos has a long-lasting, well-documented history of creating a fun and exciting work environment. Since our birth 16 years ago, we’ve collected some incredible and amazing footage that captures the many laughs and good-natured scares of working at our headquarters. As you watch, you’ll see we’re a company full of pranksters, creatives and do-gooders that are determined to connect with our fellow employees, as well as the outlying community.

So instead of locking our tapes away in some dust-collecting archive, we wanted to share our day-to-day experiences with you! Oh, and make sure to come back often to see what sorts of hijinks and charitable endeavors we’re up to next. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

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