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Let Your Feet Breathe in Women's Wide Width Shoes

Stay stylish while giving your feet ample room to move wearing women's wide width shoes. From formal affairs to casual get togethers, these shoes allow you to move about freely without footwear uncomfortably pressing on your heels and toes. Our collection of wide footwear includes sports shoes, leather pumps, and women's walking shoes to help give you relief during any situation.

Due to adequate space, wide athletic footwear for women prevents problems such as corns, callouses, and ingrown toenails. When combined with a breathable upper and midsole, it increases air circulation to reduce moisture and avoid bacteria growth. Some running shoes have cushioning to increase comfort, and provide excellent energy return. Enhanced traction leads to slip-free runs, while sockliners offer a glove-like fit without feeling too tight. Women's wide width sneakers also allow you to spread your toes for better stability and improved stance.

Wide heels prevent discomfort such as Morton's neuroma or pinching at the toes, which occurs when shoes are too tight at the forefoot. Ample space around the toes also helps prevent hammertoes and avoids aggravating bunions. In most cases, wide width heels such as wedge shoes are more comfortable due to the chunky heel that improves balance without straining your legs or ankles. Wide ballet flats or loafers also leave room for removable arch support and cushioning if these are missing in your preferred style. For a better fit, some sandals come with adjustable buckles or Velcro, allowing you to modify the fit over and around your feet.

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