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American cool style clothing with innovative design twists that make getting dressed easy.
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Pioneer in adaptive clothing
Inclusive fashion
Easy to wear timeless classics

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Virtually unbreakable
Ultimate sun protection
Vintage-inspired design

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Hook and loop back opening
Elasticized laces

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Feeding tube access
Water-resistant liner
Fun, playful designs


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Our Story

A few years ago, a Zappos employee took a call from a customer whose grandson received the wrong shoes. Sadly, the employee was unable to find a replacement for what she needed. Our customer was frustrated — and rightfully so. She shared that her grandson, Gabriel, has autism and is unable to use shoes with laces due to the challenges of tying them. As Gabriel ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to find footwear for his needs.

That call made a lasting impression on our employee, and he vowed to do something about it. Following several months of immersive research, education, and talking with families and people with disabilities, he helped create a team dedicated to sourcing products that are functional, fashionable, and meet all types of needs. Zappos Adaptive aims to connect people with products that make life easier.

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