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Simple, classic designs that are lightweight, comfy, eco-friendly, and ready to travel near or far.

About Patara

Based in San Diego, California, Patara designs sustainable shoes inspired by the coastal lifestyle.

Patara Shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and incredibly eco-friendly. Simply put, we are pushing traditional craftsmanship to new limits. Our progressive outlook allows us to create simple yet classic designs that are made using quality and sustainable materials like hemp, cork, organic cotton, recycled PET, and natural rubber, all without compromising your style.

We started Patara with the idea that one pair of shoes should be light enough to carry in your backpack and versatile enough to blend seamlessly from one setting to the next. Combining unique and creative textiles with a minimalist travel shoe has allowed us to develop a fresh perspective on the way footwear is manufactured and the materials that are used in its development. We are devoted to finding and utilizing the most innovative, versatile, and sustainable materials in order to pave the way for a new wave of casual footwear.

The definition of Patara (pronounced pa-ta-ra) doesn't directly translate to English, but roughly means "good fortune" in Thai. Something we wish for everyone through all of life's journeys.