Meet the Zappos Family, Inc.


Since the Zappos Family provides free food and vending for its employees, it makes sense that they'd have an entire department to keep up with the demand! However, this team also takes care of shipping and receiving, office supplies and equipment, maintenance, cleaning, and more at both our Henderson and downtown Las Vegas offices! They might be ninjas, too. We've got a lot of those around here.

Finance Treasury And Accounting

Our favorite number crunchers record finances, prepare analysis for decision making, and ensure the money train stays on track. They also make sure Zappos Family employees get their paychecks! Woohoo!

Help Desk

It's pretty simple. They help everyone. All right, what they do is a little more complicated than that. Help Desk is responsible for coordinating events, scheduling, travel, shuttle services, and much, much more. You know how some people always refer to another person as their "right hand" – Help Desk is both hands and maybe a foot (or two).

Human Resources

This ain't your mama's HR! Recruiting, Benefits, and Employee Relations keep this cruise ship afloat with fun, inventive ways of getting employees motivated and educated about the Zappos Family of Companies, their benefits, and the other fun stuff going on around here! They also take Core Value #3 very seriously.


The good people in IT keep systems up and running smoothly for Zappos Family of Companies. They also come by and fix computers when they're not working. In truth, they do more than this, but it's technical and confusing. Let's talk about rainbows and unicorns instead.


The Legal Department works hard to minimize risk for Zappos Family of Companies. What they do sounds like it could be a board game! Work on vendor agreement contracts. Move forward three spaces! Encounter problems with brands regarding intellectual property issues. Move back two spaces! Work on all other corporate governance issues. You win!

Zappos Gift Cards

ZGift Cards sells gift cards. Nothing else, really. Just gift cards.

Zappos Insights

Zappos Insights provides insight into the fantastic (albeit zany) company culture of the Zappos Family. The people at Zappos Insights mentor companies and individuals and give them the chance to immerse themselves in the Zappos Family culture.

Pipeline Team

The Pipeline team provides all things training. They do a four-week training class for our new hires that teaches them about the Zappos Family culture and how to WOW our customers. They have fun, inspiring classes, like Zappos Family Culture and Zappos Family History, which help strengthen our understanding of the core values. The Pipeline team works hard to promote the talent we have at, Inc. and its affiliates! They teach management classes, Microsoft Office classes, and even a series of classes on books from the Zappos Family Library. The Pipeline team is committed to supporting growth and learning.

Zappos IP


These guys and gals develop the back-end functionality behind the Web sites. They make the software that allows you to add an item to a shopping cart, process an order or return, and make changes to your account! They're a lot like the Wizard of Oz, except way more wizard-y.

Project Management Team

Visit the Project Management team and you might think you've stepped into a coffee shop with their commercial grade espresso machine and comfy couches, but you'll also see how they act as the "Central Point of Communication" on large and small initiatives. They take on the huge task of working with the business to identify requirements for each project and coordinate tasks to see projects through to completion. It's no wonder they have a supercool espresso machine! Thankfully, they share!

Content Team

This team is perhaps most known for writing the product descriptions, but they also work behind the scenes to optimize the content for search engines! They do a bunch of other stuff, too, but it's kind of hard to understand and probably way more than you'll ever want to know about UPC's, PDF's, and EDI documents.

Creative Services

CS creates the look and feel of the site; replaces and maintains existing site graphics; and designs internal messaging! They work hard to ensure that the design conveys the brand message. They enjoy listening to music on Fridays, watching people bouncing off gigantic red balls, and having rubberband wars.


Though Marketing appears to be a group of ordinary individuals, they possess superhuman abilities that enable them to mysteriously generate traffic to websites. They have chosen to band together and use their powers for good in order to convey the brand message!

The User Experience Humans

What an interesting name for a team! It sounds like some sort of alien science project! This team is dedicated to the constant evolution of how customers interact with our websites. Their goal is to provide the absolute best experience online by utilizing User Interface, the organization of information, and interaction design. They probe for answers that will enable you to find stuff easily on the site!

Zappos Merchandising

Like the brands you see on the site? You can thank this company! They develop relationships with vendors, purchase products, and go after brands they want to see.

Zappos Retail

ZRetail is the company that sells you stuff on They could probably also be considered therapists--in the purely hypothetical sense--given that retail therapy is a proven form of healing. Okay, probably not.

They take your calls, your e-mails, and even chat live with you! They're a little bit like superheroes, but they don't wear funny masks or capes . . . most of the time., LLC, LLC is the company that sells stuff on It sounds all fancy and complicated, but it's really not. Well, okay, it's a little complicated. Just a little, though.

Zappos Footer

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