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Brand Story

Atoms began with an idea: make a shoe you want to wear everyday. In practice, this simple idea turned out to be much more complex, and led to a full reimagining of what shoes are and what they can be.

Founded by Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali, from Okara, Pakistan, the Atoms journey began in 2014. Sidra and Waqas saw a need for an entirely new kind of shoe. They started learning about shoemaking from local Okara craftsmen before joining them as fellow makers in the industry.

Obsessed with high quality and beautiful design, Sidra and Waqas moved to the United States in 2015. They settled in San Francisco, and dedicated themselves to developing Atoms. After many prototypes and hundreds of conversations with friends and customers, they built the Atoms Model 000, the first shoe of its kind. It looks simple, fits perfectly, stays comfortable and becomes more personal as you wear them.

This approach – simple idea, complex evolution, simple product – has come to define what Atoms stands for. Always asking “why?” Always looking to make things better for people. Creating the best products, using the best materials. Never taking shortcuts, never letting quality suffer. Always working to make our products the best they can be. And always focused on treating our customers right.

Born out of unconventional backgrounds and experiences and dedicated to the potential of people and ideas, Atoms is working to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Join our journey – it’s just beginning.

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