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Featuring Quarter Sizing in Footwear and a Wide Range of Sizing for Masks

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Innovative Atoms Footwear and Accessories

Atoms footwear is poised on the forefront in innovation. Owners Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali moved from Pakistan to San Francisco in 2015 with an idea to develop shoes that filled a special niche within the footwear industry. They identified several everyday problems with shoes—such as sizing, smell and laces—and set about to create a new type of sneaker that would make these problems a thing of the past. Atoms shoes were born—along with copper-infused antimicrobial linings to prevent the bacteria that cause odor, quarter sizes for precision fit and elastic laces that only need to be tied once. These simple yet amazing shoes are a game changer in the footwear industry. Shop for the classic Atoms men’s and women’s Model 000 in several different color options.

Atoms Everyday Mask also carries the Atoms Everyday Mask in your choice of varying colors, which features a polyester that’s blended with a unique copper-lined ionized quartz fabric inner layer that provides 84.6% filtration. You’ll be well protected from airborne bacteria on daily public transportation, at work, at school and while out on the town.

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