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Based on the Italian word "SENZA" meaning to be "without", so too should athletes be "without limits." Zensah® was created to help athletes of all levels improve their performance and train without limits. Zensah® is dedicated to developing innovative products that wow and inspire every athlete to achieve their goals without limitation. While other compression brands have taken medical compression and repackaged it to athletes, Zensah® has engineered advanced athletic compression technology.

Zensah® is the pioneer of athletic graduated compression apparel and has designed revolutionary seamless true second-skin fit sportswear, giving athletes greater performance, comfort and mobility. Zensah's® Compression Leg Sleeves are the number one selling leg sleeve in the United States. They feature graduated compression that helps to improve circulation, providing enhanced muscle recovery post-exercise and increased endurance during activity. The pin-point compression found in each of the sleeves gives targeted support to help alleviate shin splints. Zensah® Compression Socks make use of ProGrade Compression™ to enhance blood circulation and oxygen flow, increasing performance.

Zensah® compression products are made using a revolutionary seamless design consisting of an ultra-breathable, moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body, allowing the garment and athlete to stay cool, dry and light. If you are looking to improve your performance, train harder, run faster, and compete stronger, Zensah® is a must for all athletes!

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