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Wilson® is dedicated to the athlete. It's this virtue that's driven them for nearly a century, propelling them to create some of the finest Wilson tennis shoes on the courts today. Since 1914, no other company has been as influential in shaping the games of football, baseball, tennis, and golf through their respected collection, whether it be Wilson tennis shoes or Wilson sports equipment. To generations of athletes, they're the true American icon in the world of sports, with their ever-growing collection of Wilson sporting goods, Wilson shoes, and Wilson clothing. Wilson Kids is dedicated to the competitive spirit. Devoted to the game, each shoe is built for the next generation player seeking a lightweight, comfortable, natural-motion-inspired tennis shoe. Wilson technology ensures the durability, snug fit, and breathability needed for the endurance to block, run, backswing, or backspin until the last millisecond of the game. With Wilson Kids sporting goods, Wilson Kids shoes, Wilson Kids clothing, and Wilson Kids accessories, young athletes will always have the ability to instinctively customize their game.

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