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A strong healthy foot is the foundation of all natural movement. With 200,00 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones and 19 ligaments, the human foot is a masterpiece. Vivobarefoot® shoes let those feet do their natural thing by being foot shaped, rather than shoe shaped.

VIVOBAREFOOT are committed to Wide, Flat and Ultra-thin, foot shaped shoes which are innovative and sustainable whilst reconnecting us to nature and humanity. VIVOBAREFOOT make the best barefoot shoes in the world. Created without compromise around patented puncture resistant technology. VIVOBAREFOOT products are the epitome of ancient wisdom with modern technology.

Designed in London, with a sole for every terrain, to live your life barefoot - 24/7. Driven by a passion for healthy movement in all its forms, VIVOBAREFOOT will not stop until the world comes back to its natural senses and starts moving again. Reconnecting feet with brains all over the world, with a growing army of medics, scientists, physios, and health professionals.

VIVOBAREFOOT’s mission is to become the most influential shoe brand in the world.

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