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For a century, Tubbs Snowshoes have been at the forefront of the snowshoe industry, leading the pursuit of personal exploration in winter. In 1906 Tubbs founder, Walter F. Tubbs, sold his first pair of hand-crafted rawhide and ash wood snowshoes. Ever since, Tubbs has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with a tool and means for enjoying the natural world.

In 1990, Tubbs introduced their first lightweight, maintenance-free aluminum snowshoe, revolutionizing the industry and spurring hikers and fitness enthusiasts to discover snowshoeing. They incorporate four key elements into their snowshoe design: flotation, articulation, control and traction. These are the basis of every snowshoe that Tubbs manufactures.

Today, the Tubbs Snowshoe Company is tucked away in the mountain town of Stowe, Vermont and, since its inception a century ago, has been run by snowshoe enthusiasts for snowshoe enthusiasts. Tubbs continues to lead the way by giving people who choose to explore confidence in product performance and, as the snowshoe resource, providing snowshoe information and trial opportunities for a sense of companionship on the journey.

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