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H.S. Trask® is the story about a man who followed a river and found his dream. It’s not just the story of one man; it’s the story of us. A country built by people with the courage to dream and the conviction to make those dreams come true. This is the story of America. Trask provides beautifully crafted footwear and leather goods for men and women who appreciate artisanal quality and timeless style. There are many choices from oxfords, sandals, and boots! Trask has been quietly reviving a tradition of craftsmanship, and they believe there’s a difference in what’s been merely manufactured and what’s been made to last. You can rest assure Trask will pick quality over quantity every time. Trask seeks out the best materials—like American bison, elk, and steer. Their secret to success is respecting their footwear material. It’s a process that’s been honed by generations of craftsmen whose time-honored skills enhance the distinctive character and natural beauty of every hide. Trask is humbled by the artisans who have devoted themselves to creating beauty for their customers, with antique finishes and authentic details. Trask has found endless inspiration in the untamed landscape and free spirit of the American West. They hope it inspires you, too.

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