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Shellys London – born in the 40’s, molded the UK fashion scene in the 60’s through collaborations iconic designers (Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Richmond) and continues to lead the way in “of-the-moment” styling today. First brand to introduce two of the most influential trends over the past 5 decades – platform shoes and Chelsea boots.

Shellys London creates fashion footwear for the young contemporary women whose wardrobe is built on the premise of an attitude – bringing together culture, social movements, and ever changing fashion trends to create a brand that is not only capturing the most relevant fashion themes, but also maintaining an element of approachable design.

Shellys London is about connecting the dots between personal style and the trends that capture the spirit of today. Influenced by UK street fashion, the collections will also reflect styling with an element of the American attitude.

Shellys London will be connected to all of the major social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as

Designs for the Shellys London collections are assembled from all over the world by teams in the UK, Canada and the U.S.. Inspiration coming from the urban environment and the worlds that our consumer spends her daily life in.

Shellys London footwear will be produced in China and Europe in some of the finest quality factories. Years of footwear making experience go into each and every pair. Materials and details are scrutinized to insure the consumer can wear her new Shellys in comfort while maintaining a high sense of fashion.

Competitively priced in the young contemporary market, Shellys London is a brand that will continue to push the fashion-envelope, with unique and trend-right styling.

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