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Rupert Sanderson founded his eponymous company after returning from working in Italy in 2001. His design philosophy is simply 'less is more'. Avoiding augmentation and over-dressing the foot, he concentrates on perfecting the line, volume and material to flatter and lengthen the leg, making women feel sexier. His inspiration comes from the materials themselves: from the sensual curve and silhouettes of the lasts and heels, to the quality and finish of the best leather and fabrics.

By way of reinforcing his design principles, in July 2006 Rupert Sanderson bought a controlling interest in the Italian factory he had been working with since his first collection. The skills and know-how built up over generations had to be safeguarded to ensure every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes were the best they could possibly be.

Rupert Sanderson has a London store located in Mayfair and his shoes are available in over 200 department and specialist stores in fashion capitals around the world.

Rupert Sanderson was awarded Accessory Designer of The Year at the British Fashion Awards 2008.

Shortly afterwards in February 2009, Rupert Sanderson was also awarded Accessory Designer of The Year at the Elle Style Awards. This award was voted for by the public as well as an industry panel and stands to highlight Rupert’s rise in the fashion world.

For Spring/Summer 2013 Rupert Sanderson launched his first handbag and sneaker collections. Inspired by his childhood music bag – the ‘Music Bag’ collection includes four key styles that are reworked each season.

To compliment his obsessive passion with the Italian craft of shoe-making, every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes is named after a Daffodil. How very British…

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