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The story of RIMOWA® first began back in 1898 when the first RIMOWA product was produced in the Paul Morszeck luggage factory in Germany. Despite the first series being manufactured using traditional wood and leather, Paul Morszeck was already stressing the importance of a consistent, lightweight design. Back then, no one ever dreamed that Paul Morszeck's concept of the "perfect" suitcase would live on into the 21st century, but with high-quality and perfect workmanship, the founder had already given his suitcase the distinct qualities to maintain that long voyage.

During the rise of aviation technology in the 1930s, the RIMOWA brand of luggage took wings. The founder's son, Richard Morszeck, was fascinated by the lightweight aircraft aluminum that was used on planes. It was then in 1937 that his idea of using aircraft aluminum on luggage took shape. As this idea came to light, the first overseas trunk made of this lightweight metal was introduced. Following in the footsteps of this monumental design, the first suitcase made of structural aluminum with the grooves was created in 1950. This sturdy luggage became extremely popular with flight crews, airline passengers and world travelers, who seek luggage that would show their travel miles through well-earned dents and scratches yet still stand up to heavy treatment.

Building upon RIMOWA's quality reputation for lightweight metal suitcases, in 1976 RIMOWA launched their first waterproof metal suitcases. These cases were designed for cameras and photographic equipment to protect the items from water, humidity, tropical heat, and even arctic cold. The creative concepts did not stop there for RIMOWA. In 2000, RIMOWA raised the bar even higher for quality luggage by launching their series of polycarbonate luggage, the first ever on the market. Known for being almost indestructible, the impact-resistant polycarbonate practically pops dents back out all by itself. Over three different centuries, RIMOWA cases have been able to handle anything they are asked and expected to do. Through expert craftsmanship, high-quality material, and precision manufacturing, the original principle upon which the company was founded lives stronger than ever today. With their popular series of exquisite luggage collections such as the Salsa, Salsa Air, and Salsa Deluxe, the tradition for attention to detail is finely displayed. In carrying on with tradition, these collections, as well as all RIMOWA luggage, is still handcrafted with care and knowledge of customer needs. Within their factories, it is there that "Handwerk meets hightech" (Handcraft meets high tech) and the RIMOWA line of high-quality, lightweight, and technology-driven luggage is not made, but invented.

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