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For more than five years Rialto™, a subdivision of White Mountain Footwear®, has brought internationally-inspired design to the States without breaking the bank. Taking its name and philosophy from the Ponte di Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy, the company has succeeded in bringing Italian-inspired design to women everywhere with quality details and well-built construction.

Looking over one of Rialto’s many gorgeous wedge sandals is proof that the beauty of the Mediterranean doesn’t have to be out of reach. Rialto looks over every single detail on the sandals, shoes and boots they put out. With their penchant for scrutinizing detail, no shoe is sold without making sure every fine detail is the best it can be. A Rialto woman can appreciate this elegant design and will find the perfect fit for any event.

Rialto believes you can have a high-quality sandal or shoe without sacrificing style for price. Bringing together all those fine Italian qualities means every woman can have a great pair of shoes adorning their feet. Rialto believes in cutting-edge design that lasts throughout time, and their dedication and inspirations see to it that only the best is ever produced.

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