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The story of Neff Headwear started in the back of Shaun Neff's car in 2002, where he sold hats and shirts with his name written on them in paint pen, and from there Neff has developed into a headwear company that sells beanies and hats which are worn by some of the most important figures in both the skate and snowboarding world.

The company was still in its humble beginnings when Shaun met professional skater Nate Bozung and that meeting helped the company take a whole new direction. Soon they were both chillin' with some of the dopest skate and snowboard pros in the world. These relationships made Shaun and Nate realize that if they wanted to work with professional boarders they would have to focus exclusively on headwear, which allowed pros to wear their beanies and headbands without breaking their contracts with other clothing brands. This change made Neff the first core snow and skate company that focused solely on headwear.

Their beanies, headbands and hats quickly caused a buzz through tradeshows, snow and skate shops and the boarding community, making them serious players in the industry. Success has allowed Neff to take their message and their merchandise global, distributing to over twenty-five countries. Neff is not a company to sit back and relax, though. It is always looking to the future and will continue to promote its unique style at home and around the world.

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