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Rather than wearing an ill-fitting hospital gown, the Hanosek Family wanted their daughter to be able to wear her own clothing during her extensive treatments. After consulting with doctors and hospital staff they decided to create Lotsa Brave People©, an adaptive clothing line that is functional, comfortable, and compatible with a variety of medical devices and treatments.

Lotsa Brave People is on a mission to make the lives of children with chronic health conditions, and those who love and care for them, easier. For patients that undergo frequent hospital treatments or at home care, familiar clothing can help to ease the stress that comes with such an uncomfortable situation.

This collection of bodysuits, one-pieces, and tops for children from infancy to grade school has been endorsed by healthcare professionals at some of our country’s leading medical facilities. Designed for babies and kids who need easy access for abdominal medical equipment, including gastrointestinal, cardiac, central lines, and postoperative apparatuses. Lotsa Brave People is named in honor of children, caregivers, families, and medical teams.

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