KIZIK™ is changing the way people put shoes on their feet by changing the way shoes are made. Without ever needing laces – just step in and KIZIK shoes pop on.

KIZIK is leading innovation by making shoes more comfortable and simplifying the way we put shoes on. Designed with adjustable features, KIZIK’s create a custom, hands-free fit for each foot. The secret is in the aerospace-grade titanium band that rebounds to hold your foot snugly and securely, making KIZIK the easiest to wear of any shoe.

Showing dedication to their loyal customers, Kizik has partnered with Zappos Adaptive to take part in the Single and Different Size Shoe Test. This test program allows the customer to purchase a single shoe or two of the same shoe in different sizes or widths. Now, people who need to fit their shoes around an orthotic or an AFO device, have two different size feet, or those that only need one shoe will no longer have to pay a premium for their footwear.

KIZIK: Selected For You respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.