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Grenson shoes was started by one man, William Green. Raised by his mother in Rushden, Northamptonshire in London, she taught him how to craft men's boots in their home. He continued to help his mother until 1860 when he moved into his own home and continued the business from there until 1866. Green attracted some of the finest shoe craftsmen in the business, and he opened the first factory in 1874. The "Greens Yard" factory was one of the first in the world to use the Goodyear welt construction method for manufacturing gentlemen's shoes. "Green & Son" soon became Grenson, a powerful brand which still dominates the shoe industry today. Grenson shoes have been manufactured in the same factory for over 100 years. Every Grenson shoe is "Goodyear Welted," which is an age-old technique, characterized by English shoes since mid-1800s. Goodyear welting makes the shoe more robust, longer wearing, and reparable without the shoe losing its shape. Grenson footwear offers a variety of classic styles to choose, ranging from exquisite oxfords and loafers made from extremely high quality leathers from the best tanneries to modern style boots with a hip twist. Grenson has something to offer everyone.

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