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eyebobs® creates distinctive, high quality eyewear for the irreverent & slightly jaded. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, we outfit the eyes of the smart, sarcastic & style-conscious among us.

Handmade with Italian plastics and state of the art metals, eyebobs® are not your run-of-the-mill, drugstore cheaters! Reading glasses are more than just a tool to help you see, they're an opportunity to accessorize your eyes. Express your personality and make a statement with eyebobs®.

Find a style and color to suit your every mood, from dignified classics to big, bold and bright. Look stylish, stop squinting and read outdoors with sunglass readers. Not in the reader club yet? No problem! eyebobs® polarized sunglasses have no magnification. Or convert eyebobs® frames into prescription eyewear for a custom look at a fraction of the price! eyebobs® reading glasses will make sure your look is sharp, even when your vision isn't!

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