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For more than 40 years, Eagle Creek® has never stopped pushing boundaries. They were the first to develop a backpack on wheels and to put that little organization pocket in backpacks. In fact, they invented the entire packing organization category!

Eagle Creek is all about challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries. And yes, this applies to product and materials development, but also in personal self-imposed boundaries. After all, what happens when pushing oneself? When being courageous enough to move beyond limits and travel off the beaten path? Eagle Creek believes in taking the journeys that lead us outside our comfort zones to discover meaning through new people and places.

And so their challenge is this: travel outside your comfort zone and discover new territories and terrains. It’s time to lose oneself and embrace all the wonders that the world has to offer. It’s time to discover new perspectives, people and places, and in so doing, deepen the appreciation of humanity and the planet.

While you’re out there, doing just that, Eagle Creek has your back designing the absolute best gear to get you there. Rugged travel gear, companion packs and organizers are all developed to stoke the desire for new travels, adventures, and wonders that have yet to be uncovered. And with the unwavering commitment to durability, those bags will be by your side for all life’s adventures.

Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.

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