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Diadora footwear and Diadora sportswear was born in Italy after the Second World War. The construction of Diadora men’s shoes and Diadora women’s shoes is a uniquely Italian tradition whose focus has centered on the concept of a team and its collective success.

Fifty years later, Diadora is still an athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer with a rich Italian legacy. Committed to producing product with the highest level of technology, Diadora men’s shoes and Diadora women’s shoes rely on their own CRD center (research and development center) based in Italy. It is there that the newest technologies for both Diadora shoes and Diadora clothing are explored and developed. Diadora football, Diadora running, Diadora tennis and Diadora heritage area all dedicated to producing shoes and clothing with a unique Italian style, exceptional quality, craftsmanship and technology.

Diadora tennis shoes are worn by competitive players, not just in Italy, but all around the world. Diadora running shoes provide effective cushioning for so many Diadora men’s and Diadora women’s patrons who desire well-made running shoes with the added Italian flair for style. Diadora soccer shoes and clothing are used by Italian club football teams Roma and Napoli in addition to being the sportswear of choice for the National Team of Scotland. Football boots like the Diadora Maracana, the Diadora Azteca and the Diadora Squadra are the go-to soccer cleats for footballers around the globe. And for laid back style when not competing, Diadora Heritage shoes provide a fashionable option.

Diadora continues to offer the very best shoes and clothing to meet your soccer, running, and tennis needs. Diadora will always be there whether you play on the pitch, on the court or just wherever your runs may take you...

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