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For over fifty years, Dexter Bowling has been committed to producing high-quality footwear. Founded in 1957, Dexter Bowling shoes began production with the Dexter traditional boat shoe and have progressed to stand as the premier name in bowling today. As an American brand with American values, Dexter Bowling shoes has a deep respect for tradition, which is reflected in the time-honored designs of Dexter men´s bowling shoes and Dexter women´s bowling shoes. Dexter Bowling shoes also have a commitment to innovation, which is why Dexter continually updates Dexter construction methods and materials to keep pace with the cutting edge of bowling shoe comfort and technology.

At Dexter Bowling, standards are set and exceeded as Dexter Bowling shoes continuously strive to enrich the sport of bowling through vision and innovation. Innovations like the Dexter patented interchangeable sole and heel combination have had a huge impact on the sport. Dexter men´s bowling shoes and Dexter women´s bowling shoes´ newest traction soles provide an even more concentrated focus on a bowler´s technique and approach. Careful craftsmanship and attention to the finest details keep Dexter Bowling shoes ahead of the game.

From technological innovations to ultra-comfortable constructions, Dexter Bowling shoes have been giving professional bowlers the competitive advantage for decades. With Dexter Bowling shoes, the results tell the whole story. Dexter is now the number one seller of bowling shoes worldwide and it´s the footwear choice of over 65% of professional bowlers. Not only does Dexter Bowling strive to please those competitive bowlers that are looking to maximize their performance, but Dexter Bowling also works to bring the casual bowler a reliable footwear option for their trip to the lanes. Dexter Bowling also works to provide support to bowling´s youth with Dexter´s contributions to the Teen Masters Program and the United States Bowling Congress.

Dexter´s commitment to the entire sport of bowling has helped Dexter maintain the title of the Number One Bowling Shoe in the World. and Dexter Bowling shoes are dedicated to ensuring you will bowl your best every time you enter the alley. respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

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