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Creative Recreation was launched in the fall of 2002 in order to fill a void in the footwear market. Up until this time, no one was offering footwear to young professionals with style. The three founders set out to innovate the market and were able to incorporate the comfort of an athletic shoe with the materialization of a dress shoe to create the ultimate crossbreed, resulting in the Creative Recreation men?s and Creative Recreation women?s shoe collection.

Creative Recreation sneakers grew from the concept that this generation wasn?t going to follow the same old well-traveled road maps of previous times. A new journey beckoned for Creative Recreation shoes: to embrace fashion-freedom with a design approach that blurs the rules.

Creative Recreation shoes follow their own lines. Imaginative and original, Creative Recreation sneakers will bring amusement to your senses. respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

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