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Since its launch in 1978, Calvin Klein Jeans™ has been recognized as the authentic designer jeans brand. Even today, 30 years after the introduction of the now iconic, signature omega stitched pocket, the brand is looked to for consistently great fits, unique details, innovative treatments, and groundbreaking advertising campaigns.

Calvin Klein Jeans not only features its famous men’s and women’s denim, but it also includes other apparel and shoes that maintain the brand’s sleek and understated style. From impeccably cut tops to cozy sweaters, sharp winter coats to summer-ready shorts, and classic pumps to casual yet sleek boots, all Calvin Klein Jeans products are sure to be a staple in any style-conscious man or woman’s wardrobe for years to come.

The essence of Calvin Klein Jeans matches that of their quintessential customer: confident, sensible, and on trend. Calvin Klein Jeans offers timeless designs that are eye-catching for their subtlety and chic simplicity. Fashion should enhance, not overpower, and the fashion of Calvin Klein Jeans will make both men and women look inexplicably and effortlessly amazing.

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