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"Passion for sports and fashion." Bogner has been successful for more than 80 years by acting upon this maxim; it is the engine for creativity and continuity. What once had started as a dedicated small production facility in one of Munich’s backyards has evolved into a prosperous international label over the course of the last decades. Ever since, the capital "B" representing the brand’s logo has been a symbol of fashionably inspired and sophisticated sporting apparel. Today, after inheriting his father’s position, Willy Bogner Jr. and his wife Sônia lead a successful corporation with a worldwide reputation.

In 1986, Willy Bogner’s film “Fire and Ice” lured an audience of millions into the cinemas. It not only became the most successful sports movie of all time but also the defining moment of a whole generation. Inspired by this film, the Fire + Ice brand was established in 1989 to pioneer young, rebellious sportswear and casual snowboard fashion, in complete contrast to the established sport of skiing. Although the collection’s defining character is the fact that it genuinely emerged from alpine sports, it stands for far more today, whether summer or winter, urban or outdoors: Bogner Fire + Ice is the expression of an unique lifestyle combined with active sportsmanship. A first-class fusion of functionality and style, and a timeless spirit of independence.

"Alpine Runway" is the phrase that sums up Fire + Ice’s signature blend of serious winter sports and hip, color-drenched style. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the label is zeroing in on its origins as the bold pioneer outfitter of the then-budding snowboard culture. From its earliest days of urban, casual, “take-it-easy” shapes, trendy prints and logo patches, it has evolved into one of the most sophisticated tech-savvy brands on the scene. In addition to retro-inspired, look-back jackets and coarse knits, there’s also plenty here for the futurist who looks ever forward. respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

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