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From the Børn® family of fine footwear comes b.ø.c.®, a Børn Ø Concept. b.ø.c. combines the quality design and famous comfort of Børn footwear with great value. The result is truly footwear for the modern man and woman.

b.ø.c. footwear is trend-right, with unique styles. To wear b.ø.c. footwear is to make a statement with your personal style. Børn makes b.ø.c. footwear with high-quality materials and the care and attention to detail that you've come to expect from Børn.

With b.ø.c., Børn takes innovation and comfort and brings them to you at an amazing value. If you're looking for style and comfort at a sale price, b.ø.c. has what you need. Now you can go and take over the world.

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