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When Ada Komorniczak moved to Argentina to gain inspiration for her already brilliantly creative designs she found the most beautiful leathers that would become the mainstay of the ADA collection wrap belts. The leathers she discovered also became the inspiration for her hip belts, bags, and jewelry. The ADA Collection is a brand that was built on love, and to this day is handcrafted with nothing but the best.

Ada recognizes that the only way to have a great quality product is to use only the finest materials. Beautiful craftsmanship meets vibrant design with the ADA Collection’s wrap belts. Each and every belt from this collection is hand crafted from the finest Argentinian leather. The Leather is the foundation of this collection with breathtaking Italian influences and steadfast Argentinian tradition, Argentina has some of the world’s most sought after leather.

The ADA Collection wrap belt is known for being the most functional accessory around. With five different ways to style each belt, you’ll never get tired of the limitless possibilities. Whether you need to cinch a flowing sundress, emphasize your new tunic, or break up a printed dress the ADA Collection has a wrap belt to fit any occasion. Celebrities and even members of the royal family have been spotted out and about adorned in the luxury that is The ADA Collection.

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