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About Zappos Adaptive

Zappos Adaptive started with a single phone call from a grandmother whose grandson could not tie his own laces. She needed laceless shoes, and at the time we could not help her find the right shoes that would fit his size. This call sparked our desire to better serve our customers by offering shoes and clothing that are BOTH functional and fashionable to fill a variety of needs.

Since that call, we have spoken to many customers directly about their needs; some of whom have disabilities themselves and others are caregivers to family members who have disabilities. This led us on a journey to find clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids that have special or unique features and bring them together in one online shopping experience.

What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing is clothing designed for people who experience difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to use closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to lack of full range of motion required for self-dressing. A common misconception of adaptive clothing is that it is only for those who use wheelchairs or others who suffer from severe disabilities. While these groups do benefit from the garments, adaptive clothing is for anyone who feels limited by traditional clothing.

We truly believe that mainstream fashion can be available for all, and we have found some remarkable brands that have addressed some of the needs expressed by our customers. We are starting out by focusing on particular needs and will be expanding as our customers continue to share with us.

We now offer an ever-growing collection of 4-way reversible clothing, meaning clothing that is reversible front-to-back and inside-out. This is huge for kids and adults who need to get clothing on right the first time without it turning into a frustrating experience.

Then, for children and adults who have sensitivity issues, we carry sensory-friendly tops and bottoms made with super-soft fabrics that feature the seams sewn down to minimize irritation to the skin. These fabrics make wearing clothes fun again!

We’re working with our partners to also showcase a collection of footwear with special or unique features—including diabetic footwear, orthotic-friendly shoes (Hello, Converse! We’re loving you right now!), slip-on shoes, bump-toe shoes, and footwear with cords and bungee fasteners, or old-school hook-and-loop fasteners that pull apart and fasten with ease time and time again! Shout out to Vans, Nike, Keen, and Propet for creating easy-to-put-on shoes that already have so many of these features.

We are just getting started, and we are so excited about the possibilities for better serving our customers. If you would like to give us some constructive feedback on how we're doing or have some product ideas, please reach out and let us know! We’re on standby 24/7: 1-800-927-7671.

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