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At Zappos, everybody is given the keys to drive the company forward.

In most companies, new ideas have to be approved by a manager or a chain of managers. As a company that uses a self-managed organizational structure, we encourage Zapponians to identify areas of opportunity within the organization and propose solutions. At its core, self-management means knowing exactly what you are responsible for and having the freedom to meet those expectations however you think is best.

Since adopting Holacracy in 2014, we've evolved how we use self-organization to find ways to layer our culture, core values, and focus of people into the system in a way that works for us.

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An Evolutionary Organization

Over the years, Zappos has taken strides to eliminate the common fates that most companies of our age and size contend with: slowing innovation and evolution, too many management levels, bottle-necked decision making, and disengaged employees.

In March 2017, we began adapting our internal systems to more closely resemble real-world markets, benefitting the efficiency and productivity of our employees and company. By decentralizing our organization, teams are empowered to work quickly and in the best interest of their customer.

In short, Zappos wants to create a system that enables every team to not only think like a small, autonomous business but also to act like one. While we've built a good foundation, this is yet another stepping stone in our journey for ultimate self-organization and long-term sustainability.

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At Zappos, we encourage every employee to bring their whole self to work.

Our relaxed and supportive office environment allows individuals to show up authentically — yes, even in their flip flops or footie pajamas.

Further, we don’t promote work-life balance in the traditional sense. Instead, we believe in work-life integration through team buildings, happy hours, and event gatherings.

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