Zappos Sustainable Design

Welcome to Zappos’ sustainability webpage! We’re so glad you found us and want to learn more about the exciting things we’re doing to be green here at our Las Vegas headquarters and throughout our operations.

At Zappos, we believe that sustainability is crucial to our business and the planet. The downtown Las Vegas headquarters was created to blend Zappos’ unique culture of customer service with that of the urban Las Vegas community, while also considering the environmental impact of our presence in the southwest.

The flagship of our sustainability efforts is evident in the achievement of LEED®-Gold certification for the new Zappos headquarters in downtown Las Vegas. We breathed new life into a beloved staple of the downtown skyline, the 1973 Las Vegas City Hall, by renovating it to the green building standards of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Our new headquarters officially opened in October 2013.

At Zappos, our sustainability efforts are woven into all of our business units. Our projects and initiatives are championed by the Campus Operations and Sustainability teams as well as the L.E.A.F. team, a grassroots, employee-driven movement to promote environmental issues and awareness throughout the company. 

Find out more about six of our core focus areas:

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Stay green, friends!