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Adaptive Brand Spotlight: SOREL

Together, SOREL and Zappos Adaptive collaborated on inclusive footwear designs exclusively on

SOREL | Zappos Adaptive

The Power of Personal Experience | Zappos Adaptive

Join Zappos Adaptive collaborator Jacob Pacheco, as he explains how the power of personal experiences led him on a mission to empower others to discover their best.

Learn About Jacob

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Silverts

Silverts designs clothing and footwear for maximum comfort and ease, so you or your caregiver can spend less time dressing and more time doing what you love!

Learn about Silverts

25 Feet and 25 Years Ago by Billy Price

Billy Price became paralyzed from the waist down on October 9th, 1996. Billy has used this as motivation to come up with a brand new zipper design that works for and appeals to everyone.

25 Feet and 25 Years Ago by Billy Price

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