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Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Reebok Fit to Fit

Together, Reebok and Zappos Adaptive collaborated and built upon Reebok’s iconic design heritage and silhouettes to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Learn about Reebok Fit to FIt

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: SOREL

Together, SOREL and Zappos Adaptive collaborated on inclusive footwear designs.

Learn about SOREL Universal

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Lock Laces®

Since 1997, Lock Laces® has given people their independence back - choose any lace-up shoe and transform it into an adaptive slip-on!

Learn about Lock Laces®

A Father and Son's Dream

As the cure for PD is beyond us, we reach toward what's tangible: individuals and communities living their best, some thriving beyond who and what they were before they were diagnosed.

A Father and Son's Dream

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