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Adaptive Brand Spotlight: UGG® Universal

UGG® UNIVERSAL reimagines heritage styles with adaptive features for everyone.

Learn About UGG® Universal

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: SOREL

Together, SOREL and Zappos Adaptive collaborated on inclusive footwear designs exclusively on

Learn about SOREL Universal

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Crocs Universal

The specially-designed heel strap adjusts to be extra secure and is easier to get on and off with its textured pull tabs. Featuring the same Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant treads as found in the Crocs at Work™ Collection

Shop Crocs Universal

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Stride Rite

Check out Stride Rite's newest selection of shoes with features and benefits that are designed to accommodate orthotics, braces and extra wide widths.

Shop Stride Rite

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