Hello Vendor Partners!

Below is the quarterly edition of the Zappos Vendor Newsletter! This edition focuses on UPC Reuse, Mis-ships, Compliance Contacts, and Vendor Recognition. Please forward this newsletter to the appropriate support teams in your organization.

In this issue:

GTIN/UPC Reuse - GS1 Update

As of December 31, 2018, GS1 will be updating their GTIN/UPC Management Standard rules to completely eliminate GTIN/UPC reuse in all industry sectors. Essentially, once a manufacturer assigns an individual UPC to a product, it can never be reused.

In January 2019, we will be updating the Zappos Vendor Guide to align with these new standards and will no longer allow UPC reuse.

For additional information regarding this update, please refer to GS1 link below.

Mis-Ships / Items Not on a Purchase Order

We wanted to remind our Vendors that Zappos cannot accept any units that are not listed on the Purchase Order. If you wish to make substitutions on a PO, we recommend working with your Zappos/6pm buyer before the PO is shipped and communicating the changes via the appropriate EDI documents.

Please note: Communicating PO changes via the EDI-856 (ASN, Advanced Ship Notice) will not be accepted. Changes must be communicated via the EDI-855 at least 2 weeks prior to shipping.
Any additional products sent to our fulfillment centers are subject to being returned at the vendor’s expense or may result in disposal. This includes overages of products not listed on the PO. In the case of disposal or liquidation, Zappos will not pay vendors.

Compliance Contacts

To ensure that Vendor Scorecards and compliance communications are sent to the appropriate contact, we ask that our Vendors provide us with their compliance contact(s). We encourage vendors to utilize an email distribution list for this contact if possible. If you have not provided us with your compliance team’s information, please email with the distribution list email or the name and email of your individual contact(s). Please include the list of all brands/suppliers you are associated with so we can update this information. 

Vendor Recognition

Each quarter, our buyers can nominate one of their sales reps that really WOWs them for the Rep of the Quarter award. It’s a great way for Zappos/6pm buyers to recognize awesome reps that go above and beyond to help out our business. All Rep of the Quarter recipients are also eligible to be recognized as our Rep of the Year, awarded at our annual Zappos Vendor Party in August.

Vendor Relations is happy to announce our Q3 2018 Rep of the Quarter, Dave Engebretsen!  Our panel was very impressed with the submission and most importantly, the work that Dave puts in day in and day out for his Zappos businesses. His passion continues to drive the business forward in all four businesses of adults and kids. Please read through the amazing submission submitted by his buyers Judy, Amanda, Casey, and Heaven!
"Dear Vendor Relations,
We (Judy, Amanda, Casey, and Heaven) are nominating Dave Engebretsen from Crocs for both 6pm and Zappos as Rep of the Quarter.  Dave always goes above and beyond to make sure we are all running a healthy, growing business and this shows in all our numbers this quarter. WE ALL CRUSHED IT! Both Zappos and 6pm saw double digit to triple digit increases for both adults and kids! Dave is very solution oriented and is always there to support us especially during tough times, as well as, looking at how to grow future business.  
  • He went to great lengths, finding innovative ways to get us back in stock across all channels; implementing immediate call to action.
  • He is involved in every detail of the marketing calendar and the first to follow through without being asked. 
  • He calls his buyers every week for business review and to address anything that needs attention.
  • Dave goes out of his way to immerse us in the preline process and reserves a location off –site for 3 days where he goes over the details of marketing, trends, and product planning.
He is not only an advocate for Crocs but also for Zappos and he is truly a culture fit.  We have 4 different buyers with different personalities and buying styles and he works with us individually and we all love him. Dave Engebretsen hands down deserves being named Rep of the Quarter!!"

Congratulations Dave and thank you for your continued partnership!

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Thank you!
Zappos Vendor Compliance and Support Team