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Below is the quarterly edition of the Zappos Vendor Newsletter! This edition focuses on Payment Terms, Mis-ships, EDI Contact Info., Invoice Discrepancies, Proposition 65, and Zapporo Maintenance. Please forward this newsletter to the appropriate support teams in your organization.

In this issue:

Payment Terms Policy Change

Beginning on July 16, 2018, the date used to determine the due date for all invoices will be based on the day Accounts Payable receives a compliant, successful EDI transmission and not the document date. For example, if an invoice has a document date of 7/1/18 but it is successfully submitted via EDI on 7/15/18, payment terms will be based on the EDI submission date. If you have any questions regarding the new policy, please reach out to

Mis-Ships / Items Not on a Purchase Order

Zappos cannot accept any units that are not listed on the Purchase Order. If you wish to make substitutions on a PO, we recommend working with your Zappos/6pm buyer before the PO is shipped and communicating the changes via the appropriate EDI documents.

Please note: Communicating PO changes via the EDI-856 (ASN, Advanced Ship Notice) will not be accepted; changes must be communicated via the EDI-855 at least 2 weeks prior to shipping.
Any unordered products are subject to be returned at the vendor’s expense or may result in disposal. This includes overages of products not listed on the PO. In the case of disposal or liquidation, Zappos will not pay vendors.

Updating EDI Contact Information

If your company’s EDI contact has changed within the last year, please reach out to our EDI team at with the new contact information. This ensures that all EDI error messages are being received by the appropriate contact. We strongly advise that you provide a Distribution List email so that all needed contacts receive EDI notifications. You may review your company’s listed contacts in Zapporo.

Invoice Discrepancies

We have noticed an uptick on EDI invoicing errors due to UPC(s) that are included on invoices but are not on the PO. To resolve this issue we ask vendors to remove all UPC(s) that were not received and resend the updated invoice. If the UPC(s) provided should be invoiced, please contact your respective Zappos/6pm buyer to have the UPC(s) added onto the PO and resend the invoice. This ensures the invoice matches the PO and will successfully process. If Zappos does not receive a corrected 810 via EDI, we will not be able to pay and process the invoice. Please contact if you have any questions!

Proposition 65

The new Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”) regulations go into effect on August 30, 2018.  Watch for a separate email, coming out soon, that will contain the warning guidelines and Zappos step-by-step instructions for existing and new product set-ups for any products that are subject to Prop 65.
Additional Information about Proposition 65
For background on the new Proposition 65 warnings, see
Proposition 65 and its regulations are posted at
Reach out to your 6pm or Zappos Buyer or Vendor Support at if you have any questions.

Zapporo Maintenance

As a reminder there is a Zapporo maintenance scheduled for 12pm PST on Friday, July 20th through 11:59pm PST July 22nd. All Zapporo functionality will be offline during this time and you will not be able to access Zapporo. Once Zapporo is back online and functional, we will send out communication. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your buyer or

Zappos Contact Information

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