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Zappos is such a conglomerate, but operates like a "mom and pop" store. It's like we know each other. Your attention to your customers' needs and concerns - not to mention your prompt emails updating information-is admirable! Thanks, Zappos.

Melba │ 08/18/2016

You all are seriously the best. How did you know I was waffling on a $99 pair of shoes because I didn't want to spend more than $70?! You've certainly wowed me!! Well done, you all. Well done!

Alaya │ 08/18/2016

I hope this message gets to the people who should see it. I have a small foot. Usually 4.5 I order quite a few shoes/sandals from you, and often need to return for one reason or another. Usually b/c they are running big. But then when I hit on a great shoe, it's wonderful. I want to thank you for allowing people to return so easily. I'm always worried that you'll say I've hit my limit. If I could walk into a Zappos shoe store, w/that kind of inventory, I wouldn’t have to buy and return, but it's wonderful that you are a company that allows me to do this. So, again, thank you.

Pat │ 08/18/2016

You all are unbelievable! You make "returning" a pleasure! Many thanks.

Jan │ 08/18/2016

I swear you are all have the best customer service of any business out there. Thank you!

Benjamin │ 08/18/2016

I wanted to thank-you. I received to shoes around 3pm, Fri 4/29 as promised. I decided to wait until tomorrow to visit my 92 years old mom and surprise her with the new mungo’s. They should be narrow enough and give her good support and firm footing. I’m happy for her.

Madeleine │ 08/18/2016

You absolutely have the best customer service in its finest in the world. Ordered my sandals and got it the following day. Thank you so much! To your continued success and I salute all of you.

Ann │ 06/23/2016

She loves us, the customer service is excellent, we got her the new shoes really fast and she appreciated how easy we made the exchange process. She said she is going to tell everyone about us and we have made a customer for life.

Vanessa │ 06/23/2016

Thank you so much!

Michele │ 06/23/2016

I called this morning to see if you carry the Me Too or Adam Tucker brand shoes. I was informed that currently it isn't something you carry but anything is possible for the future. ;-) Me Too and Adam Tucker brand shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Hopefully, you will look into adding this brand to your store. I didn't purchase any shoes today but I did leave with some great site seeing knowledge from your customer service representative Kevin. He was awesome! I still came away with a win!

Anita │ 06/23/2016

I received my replacement shoes. I really appreciate everything Zappos did to make this horrible situation right. I am very grateful for the professional and outstanding customer service Zappos provided.

Allison │ 06/23/2016

Made my first order with your company. Just wanted to say the product was exactly as expected, the price fair and the delivery quick. Whoever reads this on behalf of Zappos, you got a good thing going there. Thanks! Dan

Daniel │ 06/23/2016

Love love love Zappos!! I will always shop with you.

Lynda │ 06/23/2016

I can't tell you how happy I have been to deal with zappos. Problems solved quickly. I just believe the service.

Ceanie │ 06/23/2016

I could not love Zappos more! Thank you!!

Janice │ 06/23/2016

I just want to commend you guys for the excellent customer service you provide. Having to call back to return something is already a downer but speaking with the friendly, courteous staff just makes it tolerable and I actually don't mind calling because everyone really treats you like they really value your business. You guys are everything that Comcast is not and best of all... you guys are here in the US and I can explain my situation and be golden and not have a language barrier and have to repeat myself or ask to repeat what they said... the joke of the day is cute... but most importantly. You guys make calling in to Zappos sound like fun!

Maricela │ 06/23/2016

Love dealing with you! Always the best service. And, you crack me up.

Claire │ 06/23/2016

I recently had you send Keen whisper slides in black, size 11 to my sister Jenny Galunic in Pa. I took a guess, because I know they run small. Not only was she thrilled with the perfect fit, but she also said they were so comfortable. They live near a creek where they swim, and they have horses. The fact that she can just hose them off is her favorite feature. Thank you for making such great shoes. If you ever make this style in 9.5 in the gray again, or navy blue, which I saw on Cabela's in Pa, I would purchase them. Love your whisper slides.

Molly │ 06/23/2016

I just love you people!!!! A Kentucky girl in California...you just dressed me for the Playboy Reunion in Los Angeles. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Gayla │ 06/23/2016

Greetings Zappos. I love you.

Jake │ 06/23/2016

I broke my ankle about a year ago, and I would not have made it through walking again without Zappos! I’ve had to try on shoe after shoe, while not walking to get them! You are the best!

Virginia │ 06/23/2016

Dear Zappos team, in the history of business there has never been a company like Zappos. What is the secret behind your excellent service? How can you possibly ship items so fast and how on earth do you have such good inventory and returns? The people behind the scenes and the people that make it all possible, deserve a bow and a standing ovation. If ever you open a branch in the Washington, DC area, near zip code 20879, I will be the first one to apply. I have no words to describe how great Zappos is.

Hari │ 06/23/2016

Once again you amaze me with your incredibly fast delivery! Less than 24 hours... Thank you! Just rec'd the Nike flip-flops minutes ago... I really appreciate your great motto of customer satisfaction is number one! And marvel at how organized your Company is and is able to ship in hours.

Marybeth │ 06/23/2016

I am not a sentimental man but the Build a Box for the homeless man commercial touched my heart. It really made me think about things. It made me want to help someone. It made me tear up.

Mark │ 06/23/2016

I have to say how amazing Zappos is. I'm a mother of four, so I don't have a lot of free time to do my shopping. I only use Zappos for my shopping needs since I've found you. For years, I've tried many different stores, but none of them compare to the customer service that I receive here at Zappos. The customer service from your company is phenomenal and I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I really appreciate your service.

Danielle │ 06/23/2016
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