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Hello Zappos Team I just want to thank you for the quick shipping and also thank your techs for the fast and easy navigation of your site also l ordered the Slaton pony's from polo and they were exactly as advertised thanks also l would like to say l wear a triple E in width so l was worried they wouldn't fit but they stretched and fit like a glove so l thank you and my feet thank you!

David │ 08/18/2016

You guys are great. You have been very nice and sincere with me the whole process. I will continue to place order from you in the future. Thank you.

Sadat │ 08/18/2016

Thank you so much! Zappos is always so good about returns.

Loretta │ 08/18/2016

First time customer, I am really impressed with the service and of course with the NYDJ jeans that I ordered. Thank you so much, as far as I am concerned customer service is first and foremost the most important thing.

Laura │ 08/18/2016

Zappos, thank you, your service is top notch, I've purchased 2 sets of sneakers from you all and have received the best service a customer could ask for. I'm sure you get complaints and not enough compliments...Thank you!

John │ 08/18/2016

I have enjoyed doing business with your awesome company for many years, but have never taken the time to properly thank you. From the time I pick up the phone, to the day I open my package, Zappos puts a smile on my face. Your team members are effervescent and 100% customer-oriented. I almost feel like a spoiled little child when I call, because no one has ever told me, "No!" ???? I know you'll always try your best to help me, steer me in the right direction, help me to get things returned if I am anything less than thrilled, stay with me till I'm satisfied with my purchase, and that I'll love my new shoes in the end. This may sound like I am overstating, but the positivity and joy that you bring to your work, and to your costumers, ripples out in such a beautiful way. I wish every business could employ the Zappos model; what a wonderful world that would be. So thank you for all you do and rock on, Zappos! PS: I spoke with Steve this morning, who was so kind and helpful. He does a great job for your company and represents everything that Zappos stands for. His happy attitude made my day.

Connie │ 08/18/2016

I love my new "Bogs" shoes, now that I've got them in right size. But the reason I am writing you is to tell you just how much I love shopping with you and how your service and support are really amazing. When we shop online, there is always the wondering if "it”. That thing we are purchasing, will be the right thing. You know, is it going to be the right fit, right size, right color, and all that. There is the other worry about the exchange process and what will happen if things don't work out-oh and the cost of being wrong. It can be expensive to make mistakes when you order something online. But you, Zappos, take all the worry and concern out of the process of shopping online, and this is why I will continue to make you my first choice when I go online. Thanks again for the positively perfecto exchange on these two pair of shoes. I am now, once again, a happy farmer with my fresh new bogs shoes.

Susan │ 08/18/2016

I got my wonderful beautiful comfortable shoes. Thanks, I will shop Zappos from now on.

Shirley │ 08/18/2016

Thank you so much for everything! Zappos customer service has been amazing! Really makes me interested in making more purchases from Zappos! Thank you so much!

Brianna │ 08/18/2016

Just arrived. Great shoes and service. Thanks

Bill │ 08/18/2016

I wanted to email you all and let you know how much I love your app and the fact I can use Touch ID with it! It makes it so much easier! The customer service is great at Zappos as well :) when I've had a return the customer service rep. was easy to talk to and got everything taken care of in a jiffy!!!! Thanks for making a great website/app that is easy to navigate and thanks for having great customer service! It's hard to come by these days :)

Jessica │ 08/18/2016

I'm giving you more feedback! My order arrived in two days! Really needed these shoes because I have bum feet. Was never so glad to get a package! I will tell all of my friends what a great shopping experience this was. Thank you, thank you.

Laurie │ 08/18/2016

Thank you for confirming my return & also for making this process free and easy! And because of this. I will be doing most my shoe shopping with you!!! Thank you Zappos!

Andrea │ 08/18/2016

You have the greatest customer service. I will definitely be buying from Zappos again. You are the type of company I want to buy from. Thank you!!!

Tosha │ 08/18/2016

My Purple Pascal Doctor Martens arrived within 48 hours. And to Hawaii too!! I love them. Perfect fit. And the reviews are correct, the Pascal has softer leather so very comfortable (this is my fourth pair of DMs over the past 30 years).And knowing that there is a 12 month return policy (you have a great reputation there, for the ease in which these are executed), allays all concerns. Well done Zappos.

Helen │ 08/18/2016

I´ve been shopping at Zappos a long time since I´ve found out about the site! And whenever I have a chance to buy a great pairs of sports shoes I do it, although I have to ask somebody to bring it to me since I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Rosana │ 08/18/2016

I just wanted to say Thank you!

Katie │ 08/18/2016

I just want to Thank Zappos for a great customer service in my recent order why I called and will call again. For Zappos quick and friendly service. Thanks.

Terrey │ 08/18/2016

You are the greatest and most efficient company I have worked with. No wonder. So many people shop with you!!

Jane │ 08/18/2016

Let me just say thank you so much for the coupon that I received in my inbox. Talk about surprise and delight! It made my day and naturally purchased some shoes I had coveted straight away. Way to go Zappos! Keep moving!!

Cathy │ 08/18/2016

Even though there were a few hiccups with my order, I do have to say that Zappos has the best customer service team around. Each person who has handled things for me has been kind, helpful, and quick to resolve the matter. It is very much appreciated, especially when trying to plan a wedding and dealing with many companies, orders, and vendors!

Elizabeth │ 08/18/2016

Your new brooks tennis shoes just arrived and I have them on! I’m so thankful that I was able to participate in your awesome event! How cool to receive a brand new pair of tennis shoes in exchange for a pair that hurt my feet! I will definitely make sure that they fit properly before wearing them outside; so far they feel great. Thank you for the nice email and a huge thank you to Zappos for the best customer service ever. Thank you!!! :)

Traci │ 08/18/2016

Wow, that was fast! Customer service continues to be why I shop with Zappos. Thank you so much!

Manny │ 08/18/2016

Thank you very much. Your customer service is exceptional.

Leslie │ 08/18/2016

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! So appreciate the coupon!!! Am an old retired MP and that means broke and have save every dime to pay taxes. So many beautiful things you are carrying! Love to peruse the lovelies and dream!! Have a wonderful day and I applaud you and your company! For once....actually read thru your whole website and dang... I do love your attitude and ideology on the correct way to do business. Wish more were like you all! I don't trust most sites and buy very rarely online...so to know have been safe on yours and given super awesome service is well...dang awesome! Keep on trucking and thank you so much again! My tootsies are happy!!!

Rachael │ 08/18/2016
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