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Attention Customer Service: Thank You for getting back to me so quickly about my returns. I must share something with you which I hope you will share with the owner of Zappos, and all employees, wonderful employees at Zappos. I have had the most horrible situation with a company named Dean and Delucas. They have been so abusive to me, that I have mentioned to them that they should take the Zappos training coarse for Customer Service, and that Zappos understands that things will be returned, and gives me free overnight shipping. Dean and Deluca has attacked me, put me on the defense, and literally put my shopping history in email form, and sent it to me. Their items are expensive, charge insane amounts of shipping prices, their way of shipping is flimsy, and on top of that I was literally attacked by one of their so called, customer service people who abused the heck out of me. I think she feels her approach to customer service should be what she learned in prison, ha, ha!!!!!!!! In other words she felt attacked, which is not what I did, and she attacked me like a pitbull. Why is it that in the most horrible economy, some companies offer some of the worst customer service ever ??????!!!!!!!! I would not be surprised if Dean and Delucas goes out of business!!!!!!!! I'm sure Zappos has felt the down economy, and tries to offset that with the best customer service ever!!!!!!! Can you imagine if Zappos sent every customer their shopping history, and attacked them for sending their things back. When you cannot see the item in person or try the items on in person, and you order edible items like I have done with Dean and Deluca, and you have not able to taste the edible product, you just don't know what you'll get. Sometimes a company makes good products, and then for whatever reason the products aren't made well any longer. That's not the customers fault. The other insane thing that Dean and Deluca does is blame everything on all the companies they sell edible items for, they never take any responsibility themselves, and I know first hand that they charge way above what the companies would charge directly. They make a nice hefty profit, which seems to be all they care about. They have no concern about their customers, or the companies they sell for, only about making a hefty profit!!!!! Can you imagine if Zappos blamed everything on all the manufacturers of things that Zappos sell? What an insane approach!!!!!!!!! Well, Dean and Deluca has made my life Hell, yesterday, and today! Thank God I heard from Zappos, to cheer me up!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for everything, and please pass this email around!!!!!!!!

Martin W │ 02/26/2011

Dear Zappos: This letter is to inform you that I believe that your company is all around one of the greatest companies. I have used your website numerous times to order all different types of shoes. I have ordered everything from casual to basketball shoes. The variety of shoes you have is one of the greatest aspects of your website. Another one of my favorite things about your website is that you have a lot of brands that are not as popular as a Nike or Adidas. Getting to see all the different brands is great. I also have never had a single problem with any parts of your company. I will continue to use your website for a long time. I think you should continue to run this business as you have been along with trying to get more brands available on the website. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this letter.

Christopher B │ 02/26/2011

Thank you so much wonderful Zappos company!! I'm right now wearing the shoes I ordered Wednesday and received Thursday. They feel great. What a nice surprise again. I appreciate your amazing customer service. So important! Unfortunately, face-to-face, it's hard to get good service any more. I do NOT like to go shopping, so you make me very happy--and in the comfort of my home! Thanks again.

Sherry McN from Ringgold GA │ 02/26/2011

Dear Zappos, To say you guys are awesome doesn't do you justice. I worked in retail for over 5 years, and I know how difficult it can be to maintain such top notch customer service. I will continue to be a customer for life and I will plug your company to anyone who will listen to me!

Molly P │ 02/26/2011

Zappos service is awesome (and fast)!!! Thank you so much for your attentiveness. Right before the holidays, I ordered my son a pair of gloves on 12/23 and received them on my doorstep by Christmas Eve. And just this week I ordered some new sneakers for me and when the first pair arrived I found they ran about 1/2 size too small. I called for a return label and the loyalty team member offered a courtesy exchange and I received the next pair within 24 hours!! I am amazed at your service and will make sure I tell my friends. I love Zappos.

DS from NC │ 02/26/2011

When shooting the videos, it would be great if we could see the shoe on the model while its features are being explained. Women like to see shoes on actual feet before they make a decision to purchase them. As it is now, the model shots are just too quick to get an adequate read on how the shoe looks on the foot. I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.

Anessa M │ 02/26/2011

Free shipping and easy to find whatever you want on the web search for Zappos. We LOVE Zappos. My 15 year old wears size 18 shoe and this is the only place I can find them. It was a bonus to find his "cool" watch he wanted for his birthday. We love you guys. Thank you.

Lisa from Phoenix AZ │ 02/26/2011

Great product - great service. Ordering was very simple and the shoes arrived in just a couple of days. Would have no hesitation in ordering again from Zappos.com.

Debbie M from Orlando │ 02/25/2011

I've been ordering shoes from Zappos for years, not only for myself but as gifts. I've always gotten exactly what I saw advertised and usually it was shipped much sooner than advertised. I am completely satisfied with their service and their product. Thank You Zappos for never letting me down!

Anonymous from Seattle │ 02/24/2011

I've been ordering shoes from Zappos for years, not only for myself but as gifts. I've always gotten exactly what I saw advertised and usually it was shipped much sooner than advertised. I am completely satisfied with their service and their product. Thank You Zappos for never letting me down!

Anonymous from │ 02/24/2011

I can order from Zappos and get my items faster than I can go to town and shop for it. The item is always what I expected and service could not be better.

Anonymous from Gulf Breeze FL │ 02/24/2011

Love, love Zappos. Place our order, they send confirmation, and the package is at your front door!! That fast.

Sandy from Kenner LA │ 02/24/2011

Wow!! The best customer service I have ever received!! The Bailey button boots my daughter wanted seemed impossible to find...but Zappos.com had them. AMAZING - placed the order one evening; the boots arrived the next noon. Zappos sent them overnight just to be nice. I got an email late the night I ordered that said "Whoa Nelly", and something about shipping them faster than standard. Boy, was I shocked when they arrived in less than 18 hours! My 13 yr old was even more shocked, because I hadn't even had the chance to tell her I ordered them!! Thanks for the incredible service - I will be back to shop. Kim

Kim from Sioux City IA │ 02/24/2011

I went on a cruise and needed swim trunks fast. I ordered a pair on Tuesday and it was on my door step Wednesday - I left for Florida Thursday, suit in hand. It fits great, arrived on time and worked out perfectly - Thanks Zappos! Your service is great!!!

Alan R from US │ 02/24/2011

I have never dealt with a better online company. You guys rock. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I have told so many people about my experience dealing with you and it was a pleasure. So easy to speak to someone and very professional. Thank you!

Patricia H from Meridien CT │ 02/24/2011

Anonymous from Gainesville FL │ 02/24/2011

Zappos is fantastic! They offer awesome customer service and fast delivery. Other companies need to stand up and take notice. I am proud to be a Zappos customer.

Kimberly W from San Jose CA │ 02/23/2011

I have ordered from Zappos at least four times, and I couldn't ask for anything more. Every order has been delivered in half the expected time!

Michael V │ 02/23/2011

I just want to say that never before had I felt comfortable using superlatives about a company but Zappos changed that. Absolutely top of the line. A special thanks for Diane who sent me a hand written thank you card.

Mahmoud from Virginia │ 02/23/2011

I had a wonderful experience with Zappos. The shoes I ordered for my elderly father were too tight, but they were no longer on sale. Return shipping is free, and the customer service rep gave me the sale price for the next size and upgraded the shipping to next day. That pair was too loose. Zappos very kindly exchanged the shoes a third time (sale price) and we tried the wide shoe, which fit!

Anonymous from Phoenix AZ │ 02/23/2011

I neglected to mention the customer service representatives from Zappos - if you have not ordered anything through them, do! They are all and more than you see through their TV commercials. They are why I, and my family, would never order from anyone else - free shipping, to and from, and great great people in whom to talk to. Makes the process so seamless, and pleasurable:)

Luann R from Peoria IL │ 02/23/2011

I was very impressed with the merchandise and service from Zappos. I looked all over the web and was glad to find these. Unfortunately they didn't fit but the return policy is excellent so I will be re-ordering soon. I liked the recycled packaging too.

Linda S from Cincinnati OH │ 02/23/2011

Love the shoes, super cute and lightweight. Also would like to say Zappos is the BEST! I ordered these first in a size 8...at 6pm one evening; chose three day shipping, and received them THE NEXT DAY by 11am! CRAZY! They were a bit small, so I ordered the 8 1/2 the next day, around 7:45pm, again with 3 day shipping - received them the day after AGAIN, early afternoon. Unbelievable. I'm a customer for life now. Will be returning the smaller size - returns are really easy here!!!

Anonymous from Houston TX │ 02/23/2011

I can't say enough about the service! My Dad is 90 years old and lives in a nursing home, unable to get out to shop for shoes. I had promised him a new pair of shoes for Christmas, and finally remembered on December 22nd at 9:00 pm! I needed a pair of velcro close shoes. I was thinking I'd get stuck buying him an ugly pair of white or black shoes with three velcro strips, like little kids wear. I was surprised to find such nice shoes in a color that he liked and made by a quality name brand. I ordered and the shoes arrived on 12/23 by noon! That's service! My Dad was so happy and has the classiest shoes on his floor! I tell everyone about the fantastic product and service at Zappos! Keep it up!

Ann from Mukwonago WI │ 02/23/2011

Well this is the third or fourth time I've purchased from Zappos for all my ladies/girls in the house and I WON'T shop anywhere else for the UGGS and other expensive boots etc. - you buy, and it's here like the store is only miles away - PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Eric M from Leominster MA │ 02/22/2011
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