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The shoes are just what I wanted and the service was excellent. I ordered these on Tuesday afternoon with standard free shipping. They were at my house when I got home from work on Wednesday! I wore them all day at work on Thursday and they felt great. Thanks for such great service.

Maria M from Austin TX │ 03/04/2011

This was probably the best customer service I've ever had! I bought a pair of boots for my daughter in NY and had them sent overnight because a big storm was coming. As it turns out, the boots didn't fit. I called Zappos to see what could be done. The young lady first said "How can I make things better for you?" WOW - I've never heard any CS person say that! Needless to say, anytime I need shoes I am going to buy them on Zappos!

Anonymous from Burlingame CA │ 03/03/2011

I was again impressed with all the help that I received from the Zappos staff. Many thanks !!!

Cynthia H from the US │ 03/03/2011

This is my second purchase from Zappos, and Zappos scored again: Prompt shipping, great fit, very positive experience overall.

Anonymous from Chapel Hill NC │ 03/03/2011

It took me awhile, but, now I always go to Zappos first. Product, consumer service and satisfaction in every way.

Marianne W from New York │ 03/02/2011

There is no better organization to deal with than Zappos. My stuff arrives correctly and blazingly fast. Zappos sets the standard that everyone else is chasing. These days, this is rare.

Dave D │ 03/02/2011

LOVE these shoes and love Zappos!! I seriously bought these yesterday afternoon and UPS was dropping them off at my doorstep this morning!! I couldn't believe it and all free of charge! I don't know of any other company that does that. Incredible, I am going to tell everyone to check out this website.

Ashley W from Utah │ 03/02/2011

Even if the shoes weren't amazing, Zappos would still receive a 5 star rating. I ordered at 6pm Monday and it was at my door 1pm Tuesday. This was probably due to my free VIP account I was able to get a while back. SIX years strong with Zappos and they haven't failed once.

Sab from New York │ 03/01/2011

Wow. I continue to be beyond impressed with Zappos. The Sperry Topsider Bahama in WHITE is a shoe I can not find anywhere else. Not only is the shoe a total fave of mine, but Zappos has better customer service than most shopping center retail shops. Zappos AND the shoes get a five star rating from me!

Patricia C from Atlanta, Sugah! │ 03/01/2011

Aside from purchasing a pair of shoes here and there that catch my eye, I ALWAYS purchase from Zappos - Zappos is BY FAR the best online company I have ever dealt with. I have been buying from you guys for over 6 yrs now and EVERY time you get it right!!!!! THANK YOU ZAPPOS!!!!!I never wait too long or get the wrong thing, and if it doesn't fit-I send it rt back at no cost...seriously-love you guys :)

Anonymous from Boston MA │ 02/26/2011

I have never had any difficulties with any of your staff. Everyone is always very, very pleasant and helpful. And on top of that, I love to read your ads – I’m always looking for the new, quirky ones – I especially enjoyed the one I spotted yesterday or the day before (could not find it today so I can’t quote exactly but . . . ) where it said “ . . . and now most of our shoes come in pairs!” What a great concept :) . Take care !!

Alice C │ 02/26/2011

I just wanted to personally thank Zappos for upgrading my delivery type. I can hardly believe that I ordered my shoes on Saturday, and received the TODAY. It's customer service like this that will keep me coming back to Zappos.

Mindy A from Kilgore TX │ 02/26/2011

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love Zappos and your customer service. I have been a customer for several years now, and have NEVER ONCE had a negative experience with this company. The selection of product is just as wonderful as your customer service. Every representative I've dealt with has been nothing but patient, pleasant, and a pleasure to speak with regarding any of my order/shopping concerns. I will continue to recommend Zappos to others, and will continue to shop with your company. Thank you very much!

Laurie S │ 02/26/2011

Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded but I honestly can't believe the outstanding quality of customer service I've received from Zappos. You blow my mind! I've only had two issues concerning my orders (and both were MY mistakes!) but both times you guys went waaaaay above and beyond what I consider good customer service. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You totally rock. Please...keep on keepin' on. :)

Rachel N from Lindsborg KS │ 02/26/2011

My sincerest thanks - for upgrading my shipping order. Never have I received such great service previously from any company while doing business on the net!! I am a shoe aficionado, buying many pairs from others, but have never received as much as a 'thank you', never mind an upgrade in shipping,!! You can bet I'll be doing more business with you, mucho thanks,---you've made my day!!

Nicholas S from Tamarac FL │ 02/26/2011

I have been a Zappos customer for several years and am a proud VIP member. I live in a huge metroplex, two cities combined, with the top shopping choices, have at least 5 malls within 40 minutes of me. I do not even bother trying to buy shoes anywhere else but Zappos. I can order one day and receive shoes the next. If they don't fit, I box them up and set them out for the UPS driver to pick up. I can try them on in the comfort of my own home. The customer service far surpasses any other, either on the net or at a retail store. I am impressed every time I place an order. The selection is more than I get at the stores. I just can't say enough. Thank you, Zappos. I love you so much that I feel guilty when I have to return things! (but I still return because I know it's okay) I'm so loyal that I try things on at a store to see what size and then go home and order it from you. No sales tax! Thank you for the years of excellent service. I am astounded that I placed an order around 8 pm last night and it is out for delivery!

Leah D from Hurst TX │ 02/26/2011

you guys are great! It is nice to know that a company like Zappos appreciates their customers. You have definitely gone above and beyond! I will get the torn wallet returned tomorrow or by Thursday at the latest. Thanks again for making this situation so easy.

Margaret K from Marietta GA │ 02/26/2011

Thanks for the fast shipping. I placed my order yesterday and received it today!

Drew M from Winston-Salem NC │ 02/26/2011

I just had to write a testimonial and proclaim my love for you, Zappos! I've been a customer for years and I've managed to pull my hubby into the mix. :D He only buys his shoes from you now, and when he was upgraded to VIP status he thought he was the coolest person ever. Every time I go to make an order he says "Wait! Use my account. I'm a VIP!" Of course I always forget to, but I get treated like a VIP all the time anyway. I often find myself referring strangers to your site that compliment me on my shoes...so believe me, no one is safe from my Zappos loving. I'd also like to add that every experience I've ever had with you has been positive and that's why I always order with confidence. Your selection is top-notch, your prices are great and your customer service is off-the-charts awesome. You can consider myself and my husband customers for life. Keep doing what you do and being a spectacular company! We love you guys!!!!

Joy L from Chandler AZ │ 02/26/2011

I want to let you know that I am so amazed and completely impressed with your service once again. I placed an order last night and it was delivered to me today. I don't understand how that is even possible. I think it is sad that other shoe companies don't have the same capability of shipping so fast and making the return process so easy. I just go in, mark the shoe I want to return, print the label and I'm done. No hassle. I was wow'd - you are far beyond any other shoe site. I loves the fact that you have a large selection of larger sizes as well, since I wear a size 13. Keep up the good work.

Denise A │ 02/26/2011

Dear Zappos, You guys are amazing. Last night put an order in for a replacement of a defective sandal, and in less than 24 hours it is at my doorstep. I can't tell you how much that amazes me and how much I appreciate the service. You are THE BEST online retailer I have ever come across. You are a model of perfection - sincere thanks to all.

Grave from New Jersey │ 02/26/2011

What a great surprise to come home after a long day and have my new blue Dansko clogs waiting on the doorstep! And by the way, I love them. I put them on as soon as I took them out of the box...great quality! Thanks again,

Holly B from East Longmeadow MA │ 02/26/2011

Dear Zappos: I wish to thank you for the amazing service. You have been my partner in my quest for the right shoes for Zumba - not an easy task to fulfill for this chunky, short, middle aged Zumba Gold lover with two arthritic knees.....but WE did it! You had the shoes and the great shipping services, and I had the motivation and desperation to look and try several pairs. As of today I found two that will work for me - another one is on the way so perhaps I already found my third and last (for awhile:-) pair. I put an order yesterday and today just an hour before I left home to my Zumba class the cute UPS guy delivered my Leo Dance Sneaker. Bingo! It fit and I have just returned from my best class ever....I was able to spin and turn and dance my heart out and my knees were quiet like a pair of sleeping babies. You are the best. Can I say I love you Zappos???? Thanks!!!

Steve M │ 02/26/2011

Steve called to express his gratitude for excellent service. He’s currently doing a case study for a college course where he was tasked to identify a business with best & worst management skills when it comes to customer service. Naturally, when thinking about the best, he brought up Zappos. As part of his research, he requested a culture book from ZCLT… we sent him 30 – enough for the whole class! He wasn’t sure who to talk to or how to say it but – Zappos is AMAZING! Steve is and always will be a loyal Zappos customer. Even though Steve is the one doing the case study, it’s Zappos that deserves the “A+” for Service!

Steve M │ 02/26/2011

Hi - I've been a customer of your company for a few years now and just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU". I've always experienced great customer service with you guys but what just occurred, frankly, has left me sitting at my desk smiling. I was in the process of placing an online order for some running shoes and had a quick question for you all regarding shipping information - I wanted to know if I chose "2nd day" if I would receive my shoes by Tuesday. Not only did you guys update my order FOR FREE to next day delivery (which wasn't even what I'd originally asked about, I only needed them next Tuesday!) but you also changed me to "VIP" status, so that future orders will all come next day - for free. Frankly, I'm speechless. And I'm rarely speechless. I have often told others about your great company and will now be shouting it from the rooftops. I'll even get my mother to tell her crowd which is a bunch of feisty retired women just looking for things to order online! THANKS AGAIN ZAPPOS!!

Amber B │ 02/26/2011
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