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Very pleased with Zappos.com and the service received. All questions were answered with satisfaction! Will definitely order through Zappos.com again.

T.Y. from Montana │ 03/08/2011

Zappos ROCKS! I have purchased several gift cards for family and friends. The service is impeccable and the shipping is amazing! Xoxoxo

Anonymous from Washington State │ 03/08/2011

Great service and selection; why would I go anywhere else? Thanks Zappos.

Anonymous from Long Island NY │ 03/08/2011

Love the shoes and Love Zappos! Super Speedy Shipping!

Vickie from West Virginia │ 03/08/2011

Zappos is one of a very few companies out there who provides a great product and wonderful Customer Service to go with it. I am so happy with your product and services I have forwarded all info to my sisters and my daughter. Thank you so much. Don't change anything! You are all doing a great job!!!

Janel B from Fr. Leavenworth KS │ 03/08/2011

Hello, I just wanted to commend Zappos for the wonderful treatment I have received. I accidentally placed gift cards in a return order. for the life of me , I could not remember where I had placed them, since I was going for spa services after dropping off the package @ UPS. I was pleasantly surprised Tuesday evening to find a package containing my gift cards. Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous │ 03/05/2011

Just ordered my first pairs of shoes with my iPhone. Great and easy app you created at Zappos. As usual, you guys are at the top when it comes to customer service. It was so easy; pictures of shoes were very detailed, and I skipped through the website with ease. Thank you.

Robert F from Maitland FL │ 03/05/2011

My 14 year old (soon to be 15) loves your company for all his fashion needs! As a Mom, I did not like giving him cash for good grades or chores - you never know what they will waste money on! So my son decided he wanted to "earn" Zappos dollars. He sends me links via Facebook, and when he earns $$$ - or I decide he was especially awesome - I order the product! I save money, he gets cool clothes, hats, and shoes...and I get to show him he is being an amazing teen! Its a win win! Thanks for being a part of the benefits to parenting a teen!....Just ordered shoes, his birthday is 3/22...hope he doesn't want a drivers permit :(

Michele W │ 03/05/2011

You people are awesome! This is a gift for my son whose birthday is on Friday and I just knew it would get here on time! Everything I have ever done business with you has been great. Keep up the good work!

Linda G │ 03/05/2011

I wanted to let the managers at Zappos know I am very satisfied with the service I receive each time I call in. I have been using Zappos for several years, and though I am not a big time customer (I place a few orders a year), each time I call in, every person I talk to is extremely nice and helpful. This morning, I called and talked to a woman named Pat -- and she was in a great mood (as every person is when I call in). She answered my questions, and told me how to use my VIP site for the upgraded shipping and really just made me smile and put me in a good mood just by speaking with her. I am very satisfied with your company and will keep placing orders in the future and keep referring my friends to your site. Keep up the amazing work and your company will continue to grow. Thanks for everything from a VERY satisfied customer.

Kiel J from Cary NC │ 03/05/2011

Dear Zappos, I am writing simply to say thank you. I placed an order yesterday afternoon and received my package this morning. I cannot express how delighted I was to receive such prompt service with free delivery! I can say honestly that this made my day. In my opinion, Zappos distinguishes itself from competitors with its free delivery and excellent customer service. If I have the option, I will always choose to order any given product from Zappos. You all are a cut above the rest. Thank you for demonstrating that a company can be great and treat its customers well. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your customers appreciate it more than you know.

Alexis G from Baltimore MD │ 03/05/2011

I called in to say that I have been a Zappos customer for a long time -- and I wanted to finally tell you how great I thinks you are. There is no other place that you can get your shoes in one day and then give them back at no charge if you don't want them. I want to let everyone know how wonderful I think you are.

Vivian McE │ 03/05/2011

I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know how much I love Zappos. The customer service is so great. I have never encountered a cranky rep...and that, I think, is rare. I LOVE the free shipping. I also love the easy to navigate website. I was on another site the other day (one that is very well known) and it was such a pain! Seriously, I have always hated shopping online. But now, it's not so bad. You work for a great company. I know this totally sounds cheesy and like something you would hear on a commercial or something, but it's just the truth!

Traci │ 03/05/2011

Thanks for the upgraded shipping! You've clearly figured out great customer service. Thanks again!

Irene B from Lexington KY │ 03/05/2011

Amazing! I ordered my boots last night and they were delivered this morning. The UPS man indicated that this speed of processing and delivery for Zappos was normal, not exceptional. I am VERY impressed, and will definitely go to Zappos first for any future needs.

Lynda S fromSavannah GA │ 03/05/2011

I just wanted to say I will recommend your website to others. You have great customer service (good prices also) The description of the shoes -- the comments from other buyers are in detail and extremely helpful. Quick delivery & returns - great service.

Melissa LaF │ 03/05/2011

I have to tell you a funny story. I was at Family Reunion, the annual Keller Williams, Realty corporate conference, and they showed the video with Tony when they were doing the presentation on our culture. KW is very proud of its culture and was showing the video to reinforce the importance and variety of culture in different industries. I was so impressed that when I was in the airport bookstore, I saw Tony's book, bought it and read it in 2 days. I have shopped at Zappos before, but it has been since 2008. After reading the book, I decided to become a regular customer. Ironically, I bought 11 of the books for the people in my office who went with me to Anaheim for the conference. I bought them from amazon.com. I was so impressed that although I chose the slower free shipping option, they arrived a day early and they sent texts and emails to update me on the progress of my purchase from the warehouse to my door.

Brenda S from Alexandria VA │ 03/05/2011

I actually placed this order for an elderly friend of mine because she liked my Dansko shoes, and she did not know how to order online. She could not believe how fast she got her order, and she loves the shoes. Thank you Zappos.

Birgit V from Las Vegas NV │ 03/05/2011

I have always looked at Zappos website, but never ordered. My sister happened to order something from Zappos and the way she was treated was absolutely wonderful. She had an issue with sizing and then a defective shoe, and Zappos took care of everything! She had mentioned she was going to have surgery AND she received get well flowers from Zappos! So, when my daughter wanted a particular type shoe, I e-mailed her pictures of some items off the Zappos website, and she fell in love with the rsvp Olisa shoe! We ordered on a Saturday afternoon and they were delivered on the Wednesday. We will most definitely use Zappos more often!

Cassie F from Vacherie LA │ 03/04/2011

Nice shoes - perfect for dancing, and comfortable. Received them in a awesome amount of time, and to find shoes that come in 3 E is amazing!! You ROCK, Zappos!

Bigfoot from Las Vegas NV │ 03/04/2011

It is RARE when you can say PRICE, PURCHASE, PRODUCT, PERFECT, in EVERY WAY. Thank you, "Z" Staff, You All Are Amazing.

Gwen from Sumpter SC │ 03/04/2011

I love Zappos because they truly care about the customer! The selections are spectacular and the shipping is free and speedy!

Jexka from Austin TX │ 03/04/2011

I always buy from Zappos. Easy return policy. Sometimes you buy shoes from department stores, and they're stretched out - with Zappos, every time I ordered, they were brand new.

Anonymous from NYC │ 03/04/2011

I can't tell you how much I love that you let me order and try on dozens of shoes at a time, only buy a few and return the rest. And you do this pleasantly, professionally and painlessly. Thank you Zappos - don't change a thing. I love you just the way you are!

MaryAnne K from Cuyahoga Falls OH │ 03/04/2011

I love Zappos! Next day and free shipping - stress free shopping!!

Lauren M │ 03/04/2011
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